Reflections of 2012

Much like others, I like to take most of December and reflect on the months leading up to it, granted, I didn’t get around to writing about it until just now – thanks to putting my extra time last month into pimping myself for the Orgasm Girl Contest: (which is a MONTHLY contest where the person with the most votes gets $1,000 and as this year ends there will be a grand prize winner – the person with the most votes overall will win $10,000 – so please keep voting daily!)

But I’d say overall, 2012 was a pretty decent year. Like any year, month, or even week for that matter, it had ups and downs. I spent an entire month renovating a completely disgusting house and turning it into something livable. Then I spent the next month packing & moving into it. We downgraded. We still have the same number of bedrooms, but no longer have a pool, a fireplace, any extra space at all really, the great neighborhood – or even neighbors for that matter – that we had before. Sometimes that happens in life. I’m not ashamed to say I don’t make as much as I used to. I don’t go out traveling to shoot 26 days a month like I used to a few years back. I’d rather spend my time home with my family and do my own productions and travel only a couple times a year – because ultimately – traveling all the time is just fucking shit up. It just is what it is. I’ve got 4 kids. I want to do right by them. No matter what, my family MUST come first.

I shot a bunch of scenes for companies I love. I shot for Brazzers, Naughty America, Anilos (which was a first for me), Bang Bros (who I hadn’t shot for in forever), as well as numerous other smaller companies I love shooting for – like @bjsandhjs and @wildmanp and Naughty Ties (who I haven’t shot for in forever) and so many more I can’t begin to name them all. I’ve filmed almost daily for my own productions – so it was a VERY BUSY – NON-STOP year!

I had the pleasure of having family come stay with us (currently still here for another week) for the past couple months. The time has flown by and I wish they could stay longer … but life moves on and we’re all being pulled in so many different directions all the time that sometimes we must follow the flow and do our own thing. Hopefully they can come back again soon!

So looking back … I wouldn’t say I have any regrets (other than maybe the 14 lbs I’ve put on over the past couple months lol) … otherwise … I’d say 2012 was a good year. Now here’s hoping that 2013 will be even better!!

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Miles High & Hard to Breathe

It’s long overdue for a blog post. My apologies for running so far behind in here. My schedule has been insane for months now with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Even when I take a week “vacation” … I’m still too busy to stop and actually breath.

Speaking of breathing, I’m having a difficult time with that at the current moment. While I’m writing, I’m who knows how many feet in the air on a plane heading to Atlanta. Stop. Let me rewind ….

Earlier in September, right after the Nightmoves Awards Show (where I won an award – woo hoo) … I was contacted by Sabre Studios. For those who don’t know who that is, it’s a wrestling company I’ve not shot for in about 6-7 years! It’s well past due and they wanted me back in January, but for those who have been following me for a long time would know my back was pretty much fucked in January … Hospitalized, laid up on a couch for a week eating nothing but pills, etc …

Anyway, back to my story, so Sabre Studios wants me to film in LA sometime in early October. I agree. In the meantime, Kieran Lee from Brazzers contacts me and wants to shoot too. Sweet – let’s just make it a 2 day trip and Ill film both then head home. Confirmed? Yes. Great. Trip booked. Hotel booked. Everyone confirmed. Jump to last (hmmm… Whatever day I went to the movies to see “Argo”) … I’m leaving the theater & Brazzers contacts me. They want to shoot on the 7th. Hmmmm … Now I’m realizing this is actually in replacement to my shoot on the 8th … But the producer is awesome & willing to bend over backward to help accommodate since now changing the flight will cost $571 to change to a day earlier (today) AND I’m losing my nonstop flight & forced to deal with a layover (I’m currently on my way to) and I have to pay another night hotel fee (and if course in trying to be close to my final shoot for Sabre, I’m not staying in the same, semi-schlocky hotel I normally stay in. That leaves a here … Why breathing is difficult …

I had my camshow yesterday (awesome as always), I filmed today with Katie Cummings (filming & flying the same day is tough!) awesome stuff today. I hop in the shower, finish packing the things I needed out in the morning to et ready to film and go to print out my boarding passes and such. They’ve sent me an email. My first flight (to Atlanta) delayed about 30 minutes. Ugh. I had less than an hour layover which already meant running to catch my connecting flight as it was. Good news, they’ve pushed back my connecting flight too. Phew. Catastrophe avoided. NOT. Getting ready to board my first flight I receive another email … My second flight (the one to LA) is changing again. What the fuck are they saying now!? My connecting flight will NOT wait for me … Nope, now I get to take the next flight out of ATL to LA … THREE HOURS LATER. I was already going to be getting into LA at past my regular body clock bedtime. NOW … I may be looking at getting in at after 3am (my body clock time!) WTF!? And I get on the plane & idiots put their small carry ons up above so my bag won’t fit ANYWHERE in sight … So I had to put it like 10 seats behind me. Like THAT will be easy to get to!? NOPE. Not a chance in Hell of making my connecting flight now. Ugh. Fucking ripping out my hair by the handfuls. This entire trip has been one headache after another and I haven’t even gotten where I’m
Going yet. I had a bad feeling about this trip last night & this morning. I’m VERY RARELY wrong about my gut instincts. I should have known to prepare for the worst.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to getting to the hotel, bathing, Shaving, eating dinner at now about 1am and getting what will hopefully be enough sleep to function on to look semi-decent for my shoot since I have to get up by 7am for breakfast bc I have to leave by 8 thanks to shitty LA traffic …. Signing off for now ….

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Nightmoves 2012 Day 1

Last night kicked off the first night (of four) of the 20th annual Nightmoves Caravan of Stars! We went to Thee Dollhouse in Tampa which ended up being pretty packed – especially for a Thursday night. I don’t know if we intimidated the hell out of the customers there or what … but pretty much NO ONE that wasn’t a part of the show came up to us! One follower on twitter introduced himself to me (He thought I was way taller in person that he expected) … and two other fans I’ve known for years came by, but for the most part, we were just partying it up in our own little world.

It was pretty cute … getting hubby to dance with me – nearly IMPOSSIBLE … other than the first practically required dance at our wedding, he didn’t dance with me the rest of the night … and even HE was up dancing with pornstars all night long! Needless to say, it was a good time! I snapped a quick picture of Pocahontas Jones, Conor Coxxx & Dakota Charms … only to realize she was going commando! Whoops! :) I met some girls I’d never met before, planned even more shoots for next week *it’s going to be a BUSY week*, and of course pulled out my tits on stage! I figure I’m nominated best boobs so I may as well show them!

The waitress disappeared (with our card – leaving us unable to be served) for an hour and a half – grrrrrr …. so I went to the bar with a different card and stood there for 20 minutes completely ignored until a guy came over and bought me a drink. Apparently, you need a penis to get noticed in there lol! Definitely not used to that!!!

Anyway, here are some pics from last night!

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Halloween Incentive …

If anyone’s feeling giving today, on page 4 of my Amazon Wishlist ( ) near the bottom of the page, is a face/body painting kit called: “Kryolan Aquacolor 24 Colors Wet Makeup Palette 1108 (AC Palette)” – This would be KICK ASS for doing several photo / video sets like I did for last Halloween …

Anyone who knows much about me knows I LOVE dressing up for the holidays – ESPECIALLY Halloween and with it right around the corner, it’s time for me to start getting my photos and videos ready now! This is the GOOD makeup – the kind actual circus clowns etc use – which is why it’s more expensive than the stuff at the Halloween stores – but it works and works well and I’m excited to try out some new looks this year …

To refresh your memory for what I did last year ….

As an incentive … since I only want ONE kit … if someone wants to purchase this for me today … I’ll send you a FREE signed 8×10, a FREE DVD and I’ll also email you the photosets I take from using the makeup (before the sets even go up!)

If you no longer see the kit on my wishlist … it means someone has already purchased it!!!

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What Do You Want To See ??

With so many hot new scenes recently filmed, I’m having a hard time choosing what to put up as my update tomorrow … so I want YOU to choose! Please reply to my blog with which scene YOU want to see go up tomorrow and whichever scene gets the most picks will be going up!

Charlee & Addie Hotel Pussy Licking

(samples –  AND )

Charlee & Leena Double Milf Handjob

(sample: )

Charlee Chase & Angie Noir – Busty Milfs

(samples:  AND )

Charlee & Leena Cock Suckers

(samples:  AND )

I’ve got a BUNCH more coming … just haven’t gotten around to pulling them off the cameras yet! … so stay tuned for more naughty scenes and more naughty gifs!

In the mean time …. please let me know …. What Do You Want To See??



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Day 3 of FetishCon with Brooke Tyler & Angie Noir

Today was the third day of filming while everyone is in town for FetishCon. Though Corey Chase confirmed with me just Wednesday night … she seemed to have forgotten by Friday night and pretended I was completely unreachable … so … we didn’t end up shooting this morning as planned for the past month + …. which as awesome … because I got to sleep in :)

Ran into loads of my favorite people including Fireman Mike … sat down and chatted with him for a while. Did an interview with Tracy for ANN. Shot a girl/girl scene with blond busty milf Brooke Tyler followed by a two girl blowjob / titfuck ending with jizz on both of our tits!

Walked down the street for pizza again since our favorite pizza place was open today (surprisingly since they’re usually closed weekends!) and walked the floor one more time before heading to the room to shoot with Angie Noir. While down there, saw Christina Carter & while talking to her, saw Cowhead (102.5 the bone) walking by. Stopped him for a quick picture & also met Spanish (also from the Cowhead Show) … wish I’d have thought to taken a pic with him too. I was too busy enjoying talking to him and getting great hugs! Here’s the quick pic from my phone of me & Cowhead though :)

Finished up my day filming some awesome scenes with Angie Noir. You guys that like a sexy accent … you’re gonna LOVE her !!! For now … my feet are killing me … I’m tired as hell … and I’m sitting on my ass for the next hour watching tv (once I get off the computer) to relax for the first time in days! Back at it again tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning 11am-11:45 AM I’ll be at the Blazed Studios booth (last aisle close to the back) … swing by & see me!

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Day 2 of FetishCon with Carey, Michelle & Constance

Today was our second straight day of filming while everyone is in town for FetishCon. I went to bed close to 12:30 am and was up at 6:30 am to start getting ready for my day. Ended up running a little behind in trying to get to the hotel so pushed our first shoot back about 20 minutes. Got into the hotel room and started doing my hair and this AWFUL smell came over the bathroom. I kept smelling my hair and my hot iron to see what the hell was going on when I noticed that the previously EMPTY UNUSED sink … was quickly filling up with …. ??? WATER??? only … it wasn’t water … IT WAS SHIT! Literally … sewage was backing up INTO our sink. OK. Disgusting … but I’m running behind and trying to get shit done … so whatever. It is what it is lol.

First shoot of the day was with Carey Riley and her hubby. LOTS of great scenes coming soon … INCLUDING my first ever swinging scene for my website – and by swinging I don’t mean on the playground! For those eager to watch me get fucked by another guy …. stay tuned! Not a member of yet? Now may be a good time to join! (Plus I’ll offer to send you a FREE signed 8×10 too!)

We had an hour for lunch but since we were running behind, I texted our next model – Samantha38G to see if we could push back 30 minutes as well. Somehow, our wires got crossed. We were supposed to be filming from 1-3:30pm and she thought we were starting at 3pm. ?? So …. that didn’t happen today. Lunch at the kick ass pizza place down the street Eddie & Sam’s. YUM !!! Took the opportunity of “down time” to walk the convention floor and saw Paul & Tracy Allen (NightMoves) as well as Neil (Clips4Sale) and decided we’d try to find an available model to fill an hour since we had extra time. Michelle Peters came out of no where. Had just walked through the front door and we snagged her up for a quick hour of filming!Another naughty double handjob scene coming soon!

Our final shoot for today was with Constance Perl. We had a LOT of fun with her as well!! Loads of new scenes coming soon!


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Day 1 of FetishCon with Leena Sky

FetishCon has begun and with that being said, we started our first shoot of the event today. Today, we were joined by the sexy busty milf Leena Sky. We filmed a bunch of different scenes today including some girl on girl photos … like this one:

a two girl handjob video, a two girl blowjob video, three tickling scenes on her and one on me , a lift & carry where she picked me up, did squats while holding me and even ran around with me over her shoulders & on her back and a boy/girl photo set of Leena & my hubby! Loads of fun stuff coming to the site & stores soon!


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Still Time For Customs !!!

It’s almost that time of the year again! Time for FetishCon – where I usually hole up in a room filming back to back to back with only an hour break per day for lunch. This year, we’re doing it a little differently …. still holing up in a room shooting back to back to back, but giving ourselves an hour of downtime between each girl.

There’s still a LITTLE time left to get your custom orders in! Here is our lineup of girls – so if you want something specific, let me know ASAP so we can arrange payment.


Leena Sky           then setting up the hotel & hitting the meet & greet for an hour


Carey Riley


Constance Perl


Cory Chase

Brooke Tyler

Angie Noir


Addie Juniper


Cheyenne Jewel


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