NightMoves Award Show 2010

I know it’s been a couple days since I’ve written, but I’ve been super busy! I attended the Nightmoves Awards Show / Tampa Show / Caravan of Stars – from Thursday – Sunday. I’ll try to recap quickly! First and foremost, I’d like to thank Paul & Tracy Allen. They are the ones who make Nightmoves possible. I had a fantastic time and I hope to be back again next year! Thursday evening, we met up at the hotel and went over where we’d be going and what we’d be doing. They had a nice Italian spread out for us to enjoy, but I knoew I wouldn’t have time to enjoy it and make it back, so instead, I came home, changed clothes then headed back out to Tampa. We boarded the limo and headed to 2001 Odyssey. It’s a small club (very tight fitting in all of us plus the dancers, customers & fans, but we managed) … we signed autographs and DVD’s, got up on stage, etc. Almost everyone got trashed Thursday night and all kinds of fun broke out! I got my tits sucked on stage by Ron Jeremy, two girls were finger fucking & sucking on the limo on the way back to the hotel – score! It was a good night! Friday, we went to two different clubs and we were split up into two different groups. I was in the group that went to Diamonds first and Foxy second. Diamonds was VERY small – and very smokey. I’m a smoker and I was bothered by the smoke in there! Next stop, Foxy. This club was a little bigger, but still small, but easier to maneuver around in there at least. They were pretty packed and I met a BUNCH of people there! Had a great time for night two. From what I hear though, the other group ended the night with a bang! I heard there was a four girl full on orgy on the stage at the other club. Saturday night we went to the Tampa Gold Club. LOVED this club! It was huge, lots of stages, lots to see, room to move and though there was smoking, I could actually breathe. (I may have to burn my clothes from Friday it was so bad!) Tons of people came swarming in – half didn’t even know what was going on, but everyone had a great time! A major bonus this night was that Vicky Vette came! She’s been one of my favorites for years – and I’ve not sen her in years! We all went out on the stage again and took so many pictures it’s not even funny. In fact, over the past 4 days, I’m certain I’m in more pictures (and videos) than I’ve been in for the past year there were so many cameras flashing everywhere! I hope I get to see some of the pics and videos! I did a bunch of interviews for NightMoves with Paul and I did one for Cowhead TV too! (Local radio station) … Last night (Sunday) was all about the awards. We all got dressed up and spent the evening at the Dallas Bull. That place is HUGE!!! After walking the red carpet and taking pics and doing interviews, we hung outside for a while before going in. We made our way upstairs where we enjoyed some food they laid out for us. I spent pretty much all night with my friend Brandon and Vicky Vette. (Who won Best Milf 2010 – we were so excited for her!) We stayed upstairs, enjoying our view of the stage from above. There were some great performances, including two bands, one rap group, an all male review, several feature entertainers shows, a fashion show, 2001 Odyssey dancers and more. I even got on stage to present an award. For those who stayed, they definitely provided a good show for the money! By the end of the night, the club was getting empty – and since so many people had left, they had to call about 20 names before someone was present to win a 40+ inch tv. Gotta love it! So – are you ready for some pictures?

At the hotel - hanging with Brandon

Thursday Night - Signing Autographs & Taking Pics

Friday Night - Outside of Diamonds

Friday Night - Taking Pics at Foxy

In the Limo - "pornstar bus"

Now the pornstar party begins!

Sunday Night - The front of my dress

Sunday Night - The back of my dress

Kasey Grant & Angela Aspen

Me & Audrey Lords

The Sunday Bus

Having fun on the bus

Still on the bus

Nicki Hunter

Me & Christina Skye

Vicky Vette's Boobs!!

Time for some tongue

Brandon's a lucky man, isn't he!?

Paul & Tracy on stage

The crowd is growing ....

Vicky Vette wins Best Milf 2010!!!

Posing with her trophy

Even Teagan Presely was there!

Found some more ... Me & Vicky - Saturday Night

Me & Paul - Saturday Night

On the red carpet - Photo Courtesy of Vicky Vette

On the red carpet still - Photo Courtesy of Vicky Vette

On the red carpet Still- Photo Courtesy of Vicky Vette

In the elevator - going DOWN?? Photo Courtesy of Vicky Vette

OK … so that’s good for now! I’ve not had a chance to go through them all and I’m expecting a bunch to be sent to me …. so I’ll add them to my blog s I get them!! For now… It’s time to catch up on some much needed sleep! I hope you enjoy!

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