February Schedule

February feels as though it’s only just begun, yet it’s already proving to be a VERY busy month! We started it off with the SuperBowl (which we host) … which meant a full day of cleaning and cooking for me. On the menu this year, 2 types of chips, 2 types of dips, pasta salad, deviled eggs, lasagna bites (which were a HUGE hit), boneless skinless garlic parmesan chicken bites, boneless skinless BBQ chicken bites, brown sugar bacon wrapped little smokies, mmmmm food .. it was nice to semi-indulge for a day considering today marks the 19th day that I’ve been working out every single day and living off of sunflower seeds, raisins, protein bars, bananas, and whatever I make for dinner. (It’s exhausting eating less calories all day than an average person / scratch that – American… eats for 1 meal!)

The following day, Groundhog Day. Only in the USA will we put the fate of our weather in the hands of a rodent. I’ll never understand some traditions, but according to Punxsutawney Phil (for those unaware – that is the NAME of said Groundhog) … we will have 6 more weeks of Winter. Okay. It’s also kinda my mom’s Anniversary. Well, it technically IS her anniversary, only they’re splitsville, not divorced, not legally separated, but also not together. Yes, shit is complicated. And … they both live here with us… (In separate rooms) … which is even more complicated!

This week, I was slated to either be filming or doing customs every single day. I had to take yesterday off. Sometimes I just need a “ME MOMENT” … and yesterday had hit that point. So, back to my regularly scheduled life today. Now also thrown on top of my crazy busy hectic schedule as usual … we’re now doing a trip to South Florida to visit family this weekend. Leaving Friday (after working out in the afternoon because I don’t want to sit in the car for almost 5 hours before working out!) and coming home sometime probably close to Monday night. That means I’ll be missing my camshow Monday, which means I’ll not be doing the Valentine’s Day photo / video update I’d planned on doing that day which means I’ll need to somehow rearrange my schedule for the week to be able to fit that in .. and considering my photo update day is Tuesday … my guess is I’ll have to do the photos as early in the day as I can, spend the day sitting at the computer editing them and then put them up as soon as I’m finished lol. Ahhh …. I’m tired just typing it all out lol! The following day I’m filming for Pievids .. and have to travel a couple hours each way to film.

Then Saturday is Valentine’s Day. The most dreaded day of the year for single’s … the most overrated day of the year for couples. Another reason to spend money on ??? chocolate? wine? flowers? food? I eat chocolate every day as it is. (I eat three Tasty Kake bite sized donuts for dessert every day.) I’m not much of a wine drinker. Flowers are nice, but they die, so also not a necessity, and well, we all need food. Usually we’ll swap some “romantic gifts” – like said chocolate and wine etc then go to dinner. Hey, I’ll never turn down a chance to take the night off from cooking! But, this year I have different plans. On Christmas day, a friend called and invited me to a concert. The catch … he’s playing locally Valentine’s Day. So, I asked if I could go and we’d just celebrate V-day on another day and that was fine. So, I’ll be attending a concert with a friend (who in full disclosure – is an ex.) I have a tendency to remain good friends with exes … (as you’ll someday be able to read all about in my book when I find time to sit down and finish it.) Hubby is friends with said ex. Another ex is friends with said ex. It’s all good. I go throw darts with him often and we have many similar interests, so though we’re no longer together in that fashion, we can still enjoy one anothers company – and NO … that doesn’t mean we’re fucking as always seemingly suggested on Twitter when I simply mention being near a guy. We can just hang and it’s nice.

This month is also AdultCon. Which means if I can manage to book shoots out in LA for the 27th or 28th or March 1st … or preferably two or all three of those days, I’ll be heading to LA. As of now, I’m flying to Vegas the 24th to shoot two scenes for Brazzers the 25th and 26th. As of now, I only have a 1 way ticket. Waiting to see what will happen next. If nothing further gets booked by next week, I’ll purchase my return flight home from Vegas, otherwise, I’ll be heading to LA for however many days I’m booked for and I’ll be attending AdultCon when I’m not filming. So, with filming happening on many of the days in between all of this, this is my month in a nutshell!!

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