What does the Future Hold?

A question I’m sure many of us ponder on a day to day basis. We know our pasts, we’re living our present, but what is in store for us for the future? I’d like to say I sit around and dream about this or that, but in reality, I’m so busy in the present that I don’t have much time left for trying to guesstimate what the future may or may not bring. It’s not happened yet, and at any given moment, we can have some life altering “thing” happen which would change it all up anyway, so as far as what my future holds, I try to keep it as simple as possible ….

I live in the present moment. Trying my best to take things I’ve learned from my past and using them to my advantage in the present and hopefully future. I try not to dwell on the past. I try to learn from it and move forward with knowledge I didn’t have at the time I lived whatever I went through to learn from before.

As for my future … I’m leaving that to time to see what is in store for me. What I DO know for my future, is a generalized schedule that I try to plan out up to two months in advance. Not that it always works out as it’s written down in my several trusty little calendars, but such is life. What I see in my general future … weekly camshows starting on Monday, several shoots this month beginning on Tuesday. FetishCon in early August as well as shoots leading up to it all week long. A birthday party for one of my kiddos and school starting back up in Mid August a day or two after the party. I MAY be filming a couple live concerts for a kick ass band … but I may not because it’s landing right about the time I want to have my kiddos party, so again, only time will tell. I also see another possible trip to LA for the week of September 8th. Otherwise, I’m happy trying to wrap my head around all the things I’m inundated with in the present!

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