It’s Already July!?!?

What happened to June? I swear it feels like it JUST turned June 1st and here tomorrow is the 4th of July! Oh how time does fly by when you’re having fun … or is it when you’re ridiculously busy? Or wait, in my case, I think it’s always both! June was a jam packed full month of this and that. Filming, nearly daily. Doctor visits, check-ups which we try to fit in at least once a year, traveling and more.

I left for Miami Tuesday, June 17th immediately following filming that day. Checked into our hotel late that night only to see that the ONLY thing that is a MUST HAVE for me, a bathtub, which the website said it had, was null and void. In it’s place, however, was the worlds smallest shower in probably the smallest bathroom. (From wall to shower door … I couldn’t even touch my fists together in front of me without my elbows hitting both sides! (Not so fun to get dressed in!) Ugh lol! Nothing like a visit to a place with a beach and no tub to shave in (my back problems make it nearly impossible to shave in the shower), so I neglected shaving that week. We attended the wedding Saturday, June 21st and drove back home the following day.

Monday, I unpacked my bags after my camshow then repacked them to head back out of town Tuesday. I’d been pushing off my trip to LA for what seemed like forever, and since my agent had only booked 1 scene for me after I gave dates nearly 2 months ago, and I could use the break from my crazy schedule, I wasn’t really pushing for the trip (especially knowing pretty much every time I go out there, I get sick lol). Just as I gave notification to cancel my 1 shoot … 3 more popped up so I had to go. I booked my last minute flights and off I went. First flight. On time.

Sitting in the airport in Vegas waiting for my next plane, some guy walks up and says something to the girl sitting across from me. I looked up as did she, wondering WHAT he said and he mumbled something then sat down beside me. Not so much in the mood to converse, I got back on my phone and was doing some online stuff I needed to play catch up on. He says something that sounds like, “This airport doesn’t allow texting”. I stopped what I was doing, and said, “What?” He repeats. “This airport has a very strict no texting policy” to which I replied, “um, no it doesn’t and I’m not texting anyway.” Back to what I was doing. He goes on to say, “Oh, well, you looked like someone who could be easily fooled.” OK. Now, I didn’t ASK for this strange man to start talking to me. I thought I made it reasonably obvious that I wasn’t interested in talking to him or anyone else and here he is insulting me. Fuck that shit. The gloves are off! So, obviously pissed off and most likely a good two or three shades darker red from fury boiling beneath my skin, I say, “and why is that? I look like a dumb blond?” (to which the blond across from me gave me a snarky look), he says, “well it’s not like you’re a blond”, to which I reply “I’m a natural blond and I take offense to your comment”. Then he mumbles more shit under his breath and starts saying something about how women are the supreme and much smarter than men and blah blah blah but to never tell anyone he said that… I tuned his ass out before I got myself arrested in the damn airport before I even got to LA. He finally gets the hint and walks away … only to stare at me the entire time. FREAKY DUDE … IF you’re reading this… learn to talk to women. Don’t be creepy and spooky and stare either. That shit almost made me turn you in to security – for real!!!

Get to LA. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the hotel. Finally, a place worth staying at where I don’t feel nervous to walk next door to grab something from the store if needed lol! I filmed a BG scene for Peter North followed by a BJ scene. After the BJ scene, I wasn’t feeling so well. At all. In fact, I even went to bed hours earlier than I normally would because I’d spiked a crazy fever and knew it wasn’t going to be ending well for me if I didn’t get as much sleep as possible. Woke up in the morning … sick. So I gave my agent a heads up because I had a GG scene later that day and they had made specific announcement not to show up if sick) … so needless to say, that shoot got canceled. I went off to do my handjob scene for the say which went great in my opinion then the rest of the day was a boring lounge around the hotel kind of day since my afternoon shoot canceled me and I felt like crap. The next day I had another BG scene for Lethal Hardcore which also went great then I had several hours before my flight back home (I fly the red eye and also had a layover). Went to the movies and saw Transformers then headed to the airport. Flights had some issues, as they often do, which had me running to catch my flight with a bunch of pissed off ppl sitting on the plane in Detroit ready to go waiting for the 14 of us coming from LA.

I made it home Saturday. And had ZERO rest all day lol! Sunday I hosted a birthday party for my best friend and then did my camshow Monday, then went to the doctor to finally get some meds. Filmed Tuesday then headed straight to the 2 day beach vacation we’d paid for over a month ago. SO NEEDED! I’ve been “relaxing” if you can call it that for the past 2 days … though oddly enough, I’m exhausted!!!

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One thought on “It’s Already July!?!?

  1. If you’d fly Southwest more, you could probably change planes in El Paso, and I could come out and keep the snarky dudes off of you. Buy you lunch, too. Glad the LA visit turned out nice, except for the sick part.

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