Boating in October

Sounded like a great idea. I’d had big plans for months to rent a small boat, wait for it to not be brutally hot, take a bunch of photo sets and shoot some videos. Hit some of the little Islands off the coast, shoot more pics and vids. My vision was perfect. The execution, not so much. Since we had to pick a day to reserve it in advance, we didn’t realize that the day we’d chosen (yesterday) was going to be completely overcast (didn’t see the sun ALL day), windy as hell (up to 20 mph winds ALL day), and just plain COLD. (Cold front came in the night before!) Chilly to a Northerner is FREEZING to a Floridian lol … and at a whopping 61 degrees on the water with nonstop winds and no sun, changing into tiny bikinis and outfits wasn’t about to happen, let alone stepping into the water to get onto an island. So, Maybe I’ll try again next Spring. Can you believe TODAY it’s beautiful out!? GRRRR! BUT, we’ve already used the boat now, and we are attending a wedding this afternoon, so today wouldn’t have worked anyway.

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