Ketchup or Catch Up !? Both Are Good :)

If you’re anything like me … ketchup goes well with just about everything … but better than ketchup … is simply playing catch up. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog. Probably because it HAS been forever since I’ve written a blog and the bad thing is, I end up wanting to say so much I may as well just write a novel. I wish I could find 15 minutes a day to play catch up on here AS things are happening instead of after 15 things have happened … making your life easier to read it and my life easier to write it … SO … I may just break this down into smaller blogs to to keep my own sanity! Or have I already lost my mind? No wait, that’s my health. I’ll get there too lol!

A porn performer, Cameron Bay, tested HIV positive last month. Industry moratorium for 6 days then ppl started shooting again. Since it takes me nearly 2 months to properly plan a trip to LA where I’m booked solid enough that it’s worthwhile but not so solid that I’m overbooking (you never know JUST how long you’ll actually be on a porn set! Could be 2 hours could be 16!)

Since I’d already booked my shoots and they were simply put on hold I decided to contact everyone again and see if those dates / times were still good. SabreStudios had to remain canceled because he’d already canceled his flight as well as the girls I’d be shooting with – so I had a full morning to try to rebook for. Everything else was still a GO … so I decided to go ahead and book the flight and hotel (mind you – now WAY more expensive than it should have been because at this point it was Last minute – AND I couldn’t get any direct flights at all – there or back – and I’d be staying there longer than ever before and my regular hotel had seriously jacked the prices – grrrrrr)

So 2-3 days before my scheduled departure time, I started to get a bad feeling. Not like oh no, I’m getting sick feeling, more like that dog sense … oh shit … something really bad is going to happen feeling. I’ve been fortunate enough to carry this instinct with me through life and it’s been a life saver – literally – on more than one occasion. But now what!? I’ve already paid for my non-refundable trip. I can’t very well call all the producers and say “I have a bad feeling” lol … so life goes on as planned.

20 minutes before I’m leaving for the airport … Rod Daily, another porn performer (and boyfriend of Cameron Bay) … tests HIV positive. WHY THE FUCK DID THE MORATORIUM GET LIFTED BEFORE HIS POSITIVE TEST RESULTS BECAUSE AVAILABLE? SIMPLE … HE’D TESTED NEGATIVE THE WEEK BEFORE WHEN IT WAS LIFTED. NOW THAT IS SCARY SHIT!

Now my stress levels kick in 100 fold and I have a big decision to make. The upside .. my first shoot is Solo and G/G only (an all day affair) with a girl who doesn’t really shoot … so I know I’ll be fine for day 1 …. but ALL the rest of my shoots (except 1 bj scene) were boy/girl and boy/girl/girl. HOLY FUCK BUCKETS! I need to recoup what I’ve spent on this trip – so I decide to at least go out and shoot my day 1 of solos and G/G and I’ll play it by ear on the rest. While I’m on set … I start contacting everyone and decide considering someone else may very well turn up HIV + … I’ll ONLY do B/G with condoms on this trip. Knowing this could very well be career suicide since they were ALL big companies … I send out the notice. Condom only this trip … I’ve got a bad feeling.

ALL but one cancel me (but are all decent enough to offer to reschedule for a future trip) – phew – career revived. Brazzers accepts to keep our scheduled shoot – B/G scene – with a condom – sweet … so at least I will have recouped my expenses to BE there. That shoot isn’t for a couple days still so I’ve got loads of down time. I continued on with my Blowjob scene for Vincent Silver ( which you can now watch at: (I don’t know why the “LINKS” aren’t coming up as LINKS – so I’m just posting it like this … I know there is still risk there … but MUCH less than invading my vagina with a foreign to my body unprotected possibly infected penis. So all is well … As soon as our shoot finishes … there’s down time … and Riddick was playing in a theater in walking distance from my hotel! HELL YEAH! Needless to say, that’s how I spent my evening!

It’s made it’s way to the day of my B/G condom scene (which would make it a drastically longer day for all involved – not to mention I’m allergic to the damn things – but hey – better to have to deal with that than other possibilities!) I get myself ready and head over to set. We pull up and still have time to kill so turn around to go find a store so I can pick up drinks and snacks for the long day ahead. I get a text from the producer. Shoot has been canceled as porn performer # 3 tests HIV +. Then I get a text from my agent “Good Intuition” … phew … wiping brow … I could have been on set with someone the day before who could be this person or could have worked with this person … emergency freak out avoided. I’m safe. I’ve not really shot with anyone. In fact, I’ve not even shot a sex scene since the end of July so I’ve got pretty much the safest vagina in porn right now! BUT … stress levels rising again … HOLY FUCK! I knew it! I knew something bad and wrong was going to happen on this trip – and there it was – in black and white on my phone – a THIRD performer is now HIV +. Scary, Scary,Scary! Before I get into anything further .. I was and still am pretty sure more HIV+ cases would / will occur. It can take a few weeks before showing and … I’ve heard there may already be a few more positive results out there – hang on to your seats – if it’s true, news will be breaking soon …

So the following day I’d already made plans to hit DisneyLand (and whatever the adjoining park is there) since I’d never been. David and I spent pretty much the entire day at Disney riding rides and checking everything out and just enjoying a nice day. It was hot … but I live in Florida – so I’m used to it lol! For those wondering, David is a friend and website member. We spend loads of time together when I’m in LA since he lives there and he usually drives me to my shoots when he can – helping out from having to hire a driver everywhere I go. Since my flight wasn’t until the following night (and I was already feeling run down for at least a day at this point) … another friend and website member (we’ll call him Handcock) offered to help me get an earlier flight home. It was MUCH appreciated! I just wanted to be home! Thank you to David and Handcock for being there and helping me out on this otherwise horrific trip!

Long story short … I went to LA for almost a week. I made no money. I didn’t catch a disease. Stress levels made me sick. On both flights I felt like an alien was trying to climb out of my left ear drum it hurt so damn badly. So of course I went to the doctor and had an inner ear infection (yep I’d guessed that from wanting to stab myself in the ear on the planes) and an sinus infection (yep I’d guessed that too) … so I’ve been on meds for a week – loads more has happened – and I’m still sick – so just called in more meds.

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