The Way It Goes

I’ve been filming like crazy – pretty much all year long – as usual. I’ve taken a couple “stay-cations” this summer for 2-3 days here and there to take little breaks so I don’t get overly exhausted from traveling and filming and editing and all the other things I do every single day that aren’t adult industry related. FetishCon comes and I always take a good, solid two week break after to refresh before getting back into the swing of things.

Of course, it’s never really a “FULL” break. School starts back up. One of my kiddos has a birthday. I always throw a huge party. This year, I created an indoor and outdoor “backyard carnival” from scratch that took up the entire front, side and back yard and inside as well. Built all kinds of cool things which took a few weeks to complete. Made a “Plinko” board (not sure what that is? You can google it) 🙂 Made a Balloon Dart game, Made a prize wheel (wow that was one difficult task trying to figure out how to make that from scratch!), Made a photo booth including a bunch of props for everyone to take pics with, made LOADS of games and hosted an amazing party with a house full of ppl aged 4-60 lol. Also during this time, our landlord decided hew wants to sell the house we’re renting when our lease is up November 1st and we had to show it to the realtors during this time as well. Talk about a massive cleaning project with 1 days notice considering I had party prep out the ass going on at the time! In the meantime, I got a cold. A stupid, sinus annoyed, throat on fire, heavy chested, balloon headed feeling cold – which I STILL have.

I woke up Monday, August 18th (the first day back to school and my kiddos actual official birthday) to not feeling great. I did my camshow anyway, and received about 10 DM’s on twitter and publicly written on twitter messages about how I look so old and I look like shit and I did a shitty job with my makeup, etc. Ummmm …. it’s not my make-up … it’s that I’m fucking SICK yet still decided to do a live cam for members of my site because I know many people are counting on me being there for my shows. I don’t think showing up is too much to ask when I can. Needless to say, I canceled my next weeks show on the 25th because I was still sick … and now it’s the 30th and I’m STILL sick. UGH! I finally get a REAL break – and I’m sick through the WHOLE thing! I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes!

I’ve tried to do some “resting” … which I don’t do very well because my entire life has been go, go, go, pretty much since I was born so slowing down is nearly impossible for me, but I’ve managed to go see a few movies. I’ve played catch up on some shows on TiVo. I’ve cleaned some. I’ve organized some. I’ve gone shopping. I’ve gone to the RC car track several times and melted in the heat and humidity. I’ve not managed to go to the beach because the ONLY thing I wanted to do on vaca was go to the beach – but with being sick – that leaves me miserable after spending a couple hours in the sun, so I’ve skipped it. I even filmed a couple days last week! That’s pretty much my vacation in a nutshell. Sick, but still busy lol!

I DIDN’T consider when I canceled last weeks camshow from being sick that kiddos are home this Monday (Holiday) … so will have to cancel again, but I’ll be on again the following week – no matter how I’m feeling. Hubby got sick IMMEDIATELY following FetishCon … then the littlest one … then me. So he’s been sick about a week longer than me – and he’s STILL sick … so looks like I’ve got another good week of the crud to go. Ahhhhh …. here’s to looking forward to the next vacation and hoping my health is in better spirits! Colds suck!

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Little Twist

There’s been a little twist to update you on with my last blog post …

After having the guys come out and look at the house and talking to us, we contacted the owner (through the rental agency) after FetishCon was over and he has agreed to extend our lease …. we’re still awaiting contact to find out for how long, but we made it clear when we’ll qualify and about how long the process usually takes, and he’s willing to let us stay – at least for a while after our technical lease is up November 1st. I’ll update as I know more.

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Late Monday night, I was informed that an email had been received from the rental company we deal with regarding our house. Now, for those who have followed me for a while, you know I spent an entire month making a place livable then moved to the town I’m currently in. I wasn’t even there a year when we moved two houses down – to the exact same house layout – because the owner of the house we WERE living in … was losing his house to auction because he’d not paid the mortgage in years. (That house no longer belongs to him as it now has new owners – so making the decision to move when we did, was a good decision on our part – though extremely frustrating and bad timing.) The owner of the house we CURRENTLY live in … owns it outright so no worries. We’d explained before signing the lease that we will qualify to BUY a home … after taxes NEXT year. (Which means around February or March 2015 – though several companies still won’t have sent me 1099’s they’re supposed to before the end of January, we will officially qualify to buy the FIRST house I will have ever owned.) Our official lease was made to be 1 year in length – meaning November 1st is technically the last day of our lease. Then we were to go month to month until we qualified for a house, did the searching, were accepted, and moved.

And then the email came. The email that blindsided me and threw my brain under a bus (during “Hell Week” of all times. I call this Hell Week because it’s the week of FetishCon … which, don’t get me wrong, is fun, but it’s also FUCKING BUSY, for me anyway. I mean like filming all day – every day – for days on end. Late nights getting home. Getting up crazy early and repeating it all over again, etc.) The email stated that as soon as our lease is up, the owner wants to sell it. He wants it on the market ASAP … and intends to sell it. Photos are to go up the day our lease is up and someone is coming to look at the house Wednesday. Yes, by Wednesday, I mean today.

Well, great. I’m in the process of planning a birthday party for next weekend. I’m hosting a backyard carnival … and hand building EVERYTHING … so despite cleaning what feels to be ALL the time, the whole house needs to be cleaned, organized, dusted, vacuumed, bleached, and simply made ready to be seen by these people who are turning my whole life upside down. So, around my already ridiculously busy schedule where I’ve been desperately trying to play catch up as it is for months, I’ve now got more added to my overflowing plate. House was made presentable – inside and out – with thanks going out only to myself on that front… (even though the handle broke completely off the lawn mower – and we’ve not had time to replace it yet) …

They were in correspondence with hubby yesterday telling him they’ll work with us. They’ll not leave us with no place to go, etc. But let’s face it. I’m not a fucking idiot. I was NOT born yesterday. Their job is to sell houses. They don’t get paid if it’s sitting on the market for 6 months waiting for us to qualify, find a house and move into it. The owner doesn’t get paid for it to sit for 6 months – unless he held off on putting it on the market – in which case, he’d be getting the money we pay monthly. Now, I’d say, hey, houses can sit forever before they sell, but that’s bullshit. 2 houses down, a house went up for sale 10 days ago – well ABOVE what they should have asked for it – and it’s already sold and new owners already occupy it. So, I already know it’s a desirable neighborhood. I know that, because I live in it. I know houses sell quickly because I’ve spent the last year and a half watching houses on this very street flip in record time.

They walk through the door today. Immediately, Wow, it’s so big. It’s so nice (by the way, it’s not all that lol … it’s a home, sure, but I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse) … This will be so easy to sell. Thanks that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You beat my brain with this unforeseen news then talk to me about how easy it’ll be to leave us homeless, uprooting the kids in the middle of the school year to go …??? WHERE? Where are we supposed to be going? For a couple months? FUCK! Sometimes I just want to scream. Why is everything so difficult ALL the time? Why can’t some things just be simple … just once? I don’t think I ask for much. A place to call home – that isn’t falling apart – where my kids are safe – long enough that we can buy and move on our own accord.

Only time will tell what will become of this. MAYBE we can get them to extend our lease 6 months thus protecting us from having that happen. Likelihood? Slim. MAYBE, I’ll spend Halloween moving – AGAIN – as opposed to enjoying it with my kids. Likelihood. Much greater. Either way … I don’t think I could have been more blindsided by this and not that there’s ever a good time, the timing couldn’t have been much worse!

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