Another Adventure

Numerous people over the years have said to me, “You should write a book.”

Ha! As if I have time for that! And pretending that I DID have time for that, what ever would I say? I love to read, but I read true crime. I’d be perfectly happy to not live through a true crime of someone close enough to me to write about, so what does that leave?

I post pictures of food that I make on twitter – all the time – and I’ve had numerous people ask me for recipes, so I type them out and email them over. Then I started thinking … why not write a cookbook – including my household favorites!? The things everyone sees most often in pictures that I post and those things that I’m always being asked for the recipe to. Sounds easy enough, so I start doing research. Apparently, cookbooks are among the MOST DIFFICULT types of books to write. Great lol! Of course I choose the hardest path. I’ve always been good at that. But, I decide I’m going to do it anyway. I continue researching and decide to use self publishing – that way it’ll be available immediately (once I actually write it anyway) and I won’t have to buy a billion copies myself (and store them in my already overstocked house) in the hopes of someday selling them all. Good Deal. Now to choose the recipes, start making them numerous times and taking food photos. Now anyone who uses cookbooks knows that food photography is an art in itself. So … I’ll have to work on that during my numerous trials of making these meals over and over and over again .. making sure I choose a good enough setting. Good enough plates, I cut the food just properly to show off the insides if needed, etc. Yikes. This will most certainly be a long process, but one I’m excited about taking on.

While starting to write down a little index of what I’ll eventually plan on putting in the cookbook, I start thinking ….

It would be so much easier to just write a book about myself. An autobiography about being a pornstar. Seemingly being a pornstar is intriguing to so many people since it’s not your average every day profession – at least to people who don’t do it. Well, I’ve been in thie adult industry in one way or another since 1997, but where would I start? Would I start in 1997 and write until the current? What would I write about? How most pornstars are that I know? Or how I am (two completely different things right there!) .. or … wait … I’ve got it!

I’ll start in my childhood. I’ll go WAY, WAY back – starting around age 5 … when something happened that changed who I am. Something that semi-molded me into the person that I am today – and I’ll continue through the years – skipping past things of little importance to readers – and into ALL of the things who have made me who I am today. So – THAT is what my book will be about. Readers will be able to learn all about me. Things MOST people know nothing of in my life – and things that have brought me to where I am today.

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