Nightmoves 2013

The Nightmoves Caravan of Stars was last weekend. I’ve had a crazy busy week so haven’t had much chance to get on the computer to tell you all about it – until now …

Every year loads of stars fly in from all over the country to attend the awards show and weekend leading up to it in my back yard. I’ve attended more years that I could count off the top of my head because it’s close and I always have so much fun. Last year, I was even nominated for my first award ever (Best Boobs) and won! This year, I received no nominations, but still went and had a great time as usual 🙂

Thursday October 10th was the first night. We went to Thee Dollhouse in Tampa. I wasn’t at the club 10 minutes and bent over to pick up or put down my purse and somehow managed to catch my hair on fire. Yes, you read that right! My hair was ON FIRE! OK … so super scary moment later, the rest of the night was butter. We didn’t even get called up on the stage this time I guess because there were just so many of us! So we sat there and enjoyed the nightlife (well – strip club night life) 😀

Friday October 11th was Bare Assets. We were split into two groups. Half went South and half went North. I went North. I’d made it known that I’d be giving lap dances this year … and I did do one … this night – and oddly – was the only one I did all weekend! I enjoyed a few beers and great company and we all got paraded up on the stage this night (You know I took my tits out!) and just a good time in general 🙂

Saturday October 12th was the fan fest in the afternoon at the Hilton in downtown Tampa. Since I didn’t have a chance to buy much promo material with everything going on around here the past month or two (family visiting, packing to move, house hunting, etc) I just brought the little bit I had with me. I took a lot of pics, and just hung out in general. We packed up and headed out to grab some lunch at Eddie & Sam’s Pizza (YUM) with member Handcock then made our way home for a short time. I redid my hair / makeup / changed clothes and headed back out for the last night before the awards show. We went to Deja Vu in Tampa … another strip club. It was a MESS! They weren’t honoring the badges, they even tried to charge ME to get in … there was no alcohol (which isn’t a problem … BUT with as annoyed as everyone was with how the night was going – it was a mad dash to the bar right next door – and they were only letting 3 people at a time go over – otherwise the entire strip club would have cleared out lol) … The “party” was definitely happening at the bar next door lol! I did go over and have one beer before rushing back inside to make my appearance. Hung out with David and Handcock and took some SEXY pics with Vicky & Carmen. (They’re already posted on the site if you haven’t checked them out yet!)

Sunday – the final day – the day the whole weekend is about – the Awards Show. I wasn’t nominated for anything – so tended to just tune out what was going on since it was hard to hear who was winning what from the VIP section. My date for the night was my best friend Casey. She comes with me every year to the Awards Show 🙂 With us was David and Handcock and Gabby (on and off) and then more friends joined up with us later …. it was a great night. I went up on stage to give out some awards. I was all dressed up, the typical awards show scenario 🙂 I’m trying to find where more pics are posted from the weekend. I kno0w I was in a LOT of pics … but can’t seem to figure out where they are!

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