Almost Ate $1000 But It Could Have Been Worse

As many of you know, I travel now and then. When I travel, I pretty much always travel out of my own pocket. Many people assume that producers are flying me here and there and putting me up in lavish hotels and feeding me lobster (which I’m allergic to by the way) … etc … It’s the glamorous assumption but far from reality. The reality is. I book my shoots. I pay for my airfare. I pay for my hotel. Usually pay for a driver as well as food, etc … It adds up quickly.

Yesterday late afternoon / early evening I was sitting down at my computer to start looking through flights to book my trip to LA for August 3-8th. I’d JUST finished getting my final scene booked for September 8th then I’d be flying out that night, to return home on the 9th. (Yep – I always take the red-eye) Something was telling me to stop what I was doing and check my email – but once I start something I tend to be pretty focused on it – so searching I continued doing. I still had that nagging feeling to check my emails. OK …. fine … I’ll just take a peek and see if anything new came in that I can’t wait until later for ….

I browse through the “subjects” of my 7 new emails quickly and then I see the following:
“FSC Calls for Moratorium as Performer Tests Positive for HIV”

Wait, hold the phone …. what the fuck did that just say!?!? This one I’d better click on … NOW!

So I anxiously and hesitantly at the same time … click the link …. Here is what is to follow:

“CANOGA PARK, Calif — The Free Speech Coalition today is calling for a moratorium on adult film production because a performer has tested positive for HIV.

“We are following established protocols,” FSC CEO Diane Duke said, “for the protection of performers.”

The moratorium will continue until further notice; APHSS will update industry stakeholders about the moratorium as more information becomes available.

APHSS is operated by the FSC as a resource for the adult film production industry and to administer the protocols that uphold industry standards for health and safety.

The FSC and APHSS at post time did not release any other details.”

So, of course the first thing I do is click the “tweet” button and share this information so other people are aware what’s going on. Next, I text my agent and ask if I should hold off on purchasing my ticket. His response. I’ve just gotten off the phone with EVERYONE. All shoots canceled until further notice. Phew. Had I NOT listened to myself I’d have just eaten $1,000 (what it costs me when I travel to LA) … and I never get the “trip insurance” because … well … I’m cheap for one … and for two … when I say I’ll be someplace – I show up.

So … my trip to LA for September 3-8th is currently not happening and I’m sure when they lift the moratorium producers will desperately flock to grab any talent they can since everyone will most likely be behind on content – thus pushing my planned trip back even further. It generally takes me at least 2-3 weeks to get my bookings just right enough for me to decide to actually travel out there … so this should be fun … (I’ve been booking this trip for almost 2 months now!)

That being said. In the end, I didn’t eat the $1000. Some performer may now have HIV. (She has come out publicly already so you can find out for yourself who she is) I could have gone out there and possibly contracted it myself had I worked on set with her or someone she had worked with – so …. it could have been worse. I had a shoot booked for this Saturday. BUT … he’s recently worked with girls from out West. The other girl I was supposed to be shooting with (with him) was on set with this girl (though they didn’t interact at all) and who knows who everyone has worked with who may have worked with … you get the point … so I’m canceling this shoot as well. Sometimes the risks just outweigh the rewards – and with a positive HIV test in this industry – I’d rather be safe than sorry!

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Top Tickler 2013

For my tickle fetish enthusiasts, you probably already knew that I was voted into the top 4 for Florida ticklers a month or so ago. For those who didn’t know … that’s what happened lol…

I’ve been super crazy busy and haven’t had any times to check the tickling boards to see all the details … all I knew was that I was to show up during FetishCon (where I attend every year) and tickle someone and I had 5 minutes to do so. I knew nothing further other than who my competition was. The other ticklers … all girls I know and have shot with over the years.

So … I get down to the convention floor Saturday (left a model in our room filming with Elijah to get there on time) and they were already announcing my name before I got to the table! I walked into it completely blind with no idea what to expect. The model was a VERY ticklish female who was strapped down to the table with cuffs around her wrists and ankles as well as duct taped down to the table on two spots on her arms. I was warned … she will break free and do whatever necessary to stop me from tickling her. *Fuck I wish I knew this in advance and I’d have worn jeans, no jewelry, etc* …

Within probably less than a minute, she broke free of the duct tape (which I fully expected because I’m VERY competitive and though normally tickle because it’s enjoyable … I was tickling for blood lol) … I had 5 minutes to make her scream “RED” twice. I literally had to climb on top of her on the table before we were 2 minutes into it … and then she broke her arms free of the cuffs as well! She was hitting, choking, tickling back, desperately trying to get me to stop. I changed course and moved further south … tickling as hard and as viciously as I could …. finally … she screamed “RED”. Phew! Clock stopped and we both got a 10 second break. I could not get her to scream “RED” a second time during my 5 minutes.

There was only one more girl to go … and the one I knew probably had the best chance of winning. She would go the following day. I knew I’d already beaten the other two girls … so it was going to be between the two of us. As it turns out … I won!

Interested in reading more about it and seeing a pic? …. (The “link” feature doesn’t seem to be working … so here’s the link …


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A Shortie & a Long One

Did you think I was talking about cocks? I could be … but in this particular case, I’m not. I just got home from a short vacation. We went to Lovers Key and stayed at the Lovers Key Resort. We pulled in around 1:30 PM Tuesday afternoon, but apparently check in wasn’t allowed until 3pm – lol … that would have been good to know BEFORE the 3 hours drive! So we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the beach. We paid the parking fee, took the trolley to the beach and laid out all our stuff. Within less than 5 minutes, the sky went from THIS:

Perfectly normal sky

to THIS:

Speaks for itself

Needless to say, we got rained out & it was lightening ALL night long. We ate lunch at the “on site” restaurant Flippers right on the water and then just took it easy the rest of the day. Wednesday, we did breakfast at Flippers then we hit Bonita beach which I thought was much nicer (the other “south beach” was nothing but shells which is miserable to lay and walk on.) The water was really “muddy” looking though – and everyone who went IN the water, came out with a brown film all over – ick! Glad I opted to just fry on my sheet on the beach.

SO hot out!

We cooked our own lunch (our room had a full kitchen) then hit the pool / hot tub for a bit and then later went out for dinner. We ate at The Sandbar & Grill which was awesome! A few doors down was an ice cream shop where we enjoyed dessert. Then I enjoyed a real vacation drink 🙂


Thursday morning we had our final vacation breakfast at Flippers and then headed straight to the pool. We packed up and were out the door by the 11AM check out.

It was a short vacation, but it was still nice. Stopped at Great Explorations in St. Pete and played for a few hours. That place was LOADS of fun … then a quick dinner at Firehouse Subs and straight to hubby’s football game. We got in at almost 9PM last night … and we’re heading back out the door again today around 7PM.

We were supposed to be filming today … but the girl seemingly disappeared … so I filmed a Blowjob scene that’ll be going up next weekend (I already had my makeup on … I may as well turn on the cam and have some fun!)

We’re driving to Maryland (LONG drive) so won’t get in until sometime tomorrow afternoon or so … and then turning around and heading back this way probably next Friday…

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