Coming to Chicago – Twice

I couldn’t even begin to guesstimate how long it’s been since I flew to Chicago. I do know this much … It’s been YEARS! I’m coming back – and it looks like I’ll probably be heading there twice this summer. I’m flying in next Thursday for some wrestling & boxing for against Amber Lynn Bach next Friday and flying back home that night.

Then, I MAY be heading back again July 11-14 during Exxxotica. May being the dominant word there. Since I book my own travel, pay for my own hotel room, pay for my food and pay for cabs everywhere I go …. I don’t travel unless I book enough work to cover the cost of the trip … So if you want to see me in Chicago this summer, I’ve got to locate all the Chicago producers and see who
wants to shoot! I’ve seemingly lost all my contacts in that area (they were in an old phone that literally caught on fire & fried my SIM card lol) … So this should be interesting …. But if you know of any Chicago area producers (or producers that will be in the area at the same time) … Feel free to mention me 🙂

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Beaches & Raccoons

For those who follow me semi-closely on twitter, you already know I went camping Friday-Sunday. For those of you who REALLY follow me on twitter, you know I had three traumatic experiences as a kid and would rather poke out my eyes than go camping again … however … my family really wanted me there … so I went.

The person who’d spent all the time, effort, energy and money preparing this entire adventure woke up that morning SUPER sick and unable to even get out of bed without throwing up … so the rest of us went and got everything else set up and ready to go. We hit the nearby beach for 2 hours (WHITE SAND BEACHES = AWESOME) then went back to the campsite to start up dinner. We cooked up all kinds of goodies on the grill and then our “host” was finally feeling better so someone went to go get him. We watched the sun setting over the water, then Elijah went to shower. he wasn’t gone 5 minutes and my little one pointed out the “kitty” coming up on us. That “kitty” was actually a raccoon. Nasty looking one too. I shooed it off and put everything away in the cars that was easily accessible. We lit up the fire pit and enjoyed one anothers company until we were all ready to pass out from exhaustion from the day.

Now, I DON’T go camping … so sleeping bag is NOT one of those things I have just lying around the house and frankly I expected to hate it so certainly had no interest in investing in one. We brought comforters … LOTS and LOTS of comforters to lay down and sleep on … something I actually do often at home when laying down watching tv with the kiddos at night. It’s oddly comfortable at home … but was MISERABLE there. Our campsite is basically on shelly sand … which truly felt like concrete. I was MORE than well aware of my womanly curves all weekend long. My sholder and hips were killing me! Creepy ass loud noises kept me awake 9/10th of the night. I laid down with the little one first and wasn’t feeling 100% so asked Elijah to bring my purse and things in when he came to sleep. Of course he forgot – and I didn’t know until the morning … when I got up and walked out to see … Raccoon pawprints all over my purse, phone, coolers, everything …. they’d gotten in my purse, even ripped it up some. Fun. Little fuckers lol! (I’ll be buying another purse this week)

We cooked up a big breakfast … eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, yum! Then hit the beach again for 2 hours. It was BRUTALLY hot Saturday to just lay there so I definitely got in some water time that day. The water was cool and refreshing without being too cold. Back to the campsite for hotdogs & hamburgers on the grill for lunch, smores all weekend long of course lol as well as loads of munchie foods too. We DID NOT go without lol! (Except my phone …) Everyone was playing games on their phones and such all weekend … I couldn’t check emails, couldn’t get on twitter, nothing … my phone was in a dead zone … so getting on was a BITCH! I tried uploading one pic on twitter for almost 5 hours before it finally went through – not kidding! I HATE not being able to get on my phone!

We watched the sunset again and as we were prepping the beer pong table (ps – I’d never played before) … there was a commotion on the picnic bench. A raccoon stole a bag … with 3 bags of chips in it … Oh Hell No said the guys as they went and wrestled it away from it LMAO – too friggin funny. Those little bastards were back all night long. I swear our site must have been in the middle of a nest of them because there were LOADS of them … all around us all night long – even after food was put away! Beer pong was awesome. I didn’t do too badly considering it was a first ever attempt. 🙂 I thankfully slept a little better the second night – but I’m generally a light sleeper so all the noises happening outside the tent kept me up and on day two of my bones aching while attempting to sleep was wearing on me. I’ll definitely be buying a cot to sleep on if I ever do it again. Big breakfast again in the morning and then we packed up and headed our separate ways.

All in all … it really was a lot of fun. I’d do it again … so long as we had the same kind of facilities (shower nearby – with HOT water, toilets, water on site, electricity on site, ya know … the basics…. I grew up in the middle of no where. There’s a reason I moved lol … 🙂

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Mother’s Day Weekend

I’d like to first say Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, etc! ( Do any women even read my blog??)

It’s been a great weekend. Friday we left around 4:30pm to head to South Florida for the weekend. We made great time – even with a quick stop on the way – getting in around 9pm.

I wasn’t feeling 100% so went to bed around 11pm. Saturday morning when I got up it was pouring rain (despite the weather channel and app insisting it wouldn’t be raining that day lol) … So waited around for a bit for the rain to go away and the sun to come out.

While we were waiting, hubby’s family came over (they would be joining us at the beach) … This is family I’d not met yet (and they speak very little to no English – so communication was tough) – but super funny … One of them (female) grabbed my boobs and was obviously talking about their size lmao!!

As soon as it cleared up, we headed to the beach for a couple hours. It was really windy but that actually made it really nice. I can’t stand laying there pouring sweat and I didn’t want to get in the ocean bc I had a shoot later and wouldn’t have had time to wash my hair, dry it, style it and otherwise get ready. We ordered pizza to be delivered to us there but it took them so long we finally just left before it ever came & we ordered Chinese instead.

I hopped in the shower, ate my late lunch & got ready to shoot. I had a BGG (kinda) shoot with Cash For POV – more or less a “suck and fuck off” … Who is better … A brunette 26 year old or a blond 36 year old. The viewers will have to write in to decide who won 🙂 I was starving on my way back and we passed the only fast food place on the way so decides I’d just eat left over Chinese when I got back to the house. Joke was on me – everyone ate it all while I was filming lol – so … Yeah … I watched two episodes of “The League” and went to bed.

Up at 7am today I’ve had a great day visiting and enjoyed lunch (in massive proportions) at the Cheesecake Factory and hit the road straight from there. We’ve still got another 2 – 2 1/2 hours to go …. I’m so ready for a shower and being in my own house 🙂

I’ve got a busy busy week ahead of me. NO CAMSHOW tomorrow – I’m filming for and taking pics (hopefully that I’ll love) for my vagina in a box 🙂 Tuesday and Thursday filming for my site & stores. Wednesday I’m filming for Blazed Studios and Friday-Sunday I’m going camping … Busy week ahead 🙂

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Another Quickie

What? Did you think I was talking about sex? I wish I was. I’m about ready to get my sexing on … especially after jerking 2 cocks yesterday …. but that’s not quite where I was headed with the title today.

I’m leaving in about an hour for a quickie trip to South Florida for the weekend. Sorry to all who are about to write me and ask me to “meet up” …. etc … not happening. When I go to south FL … I almost always bring my kiddos as I am on this trip … and we visit hubby’s side of the family. He has even more family in town from out of the country which is why we’re making the trip – on Mother’s Day weekend ….

We’ll get in late tonight and basically just have tomorrow to hang out before we drive the 5 hours back home again Sunday afternoon. Plans …. hitting the beach tomorrow early afternoon for 2 hours then lunch. Quick shower for me and then I have to start getting ready … I’m doing a B/G/G shoot tomorrow night then play catch up on sleep for the night and hit lunch before heading back home…. see what I mean by a quickie? Considering I’ll be filming 3 hours of it … it’ll feel like the fastest trip to South FL ever lol. We usually go when there’s a 3 day weekend … but not this time.

See you back on cam again on Monday at noon!

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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Thank you JD for reminding me to blog about this! As a birthday present, hubby bought two tickets to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. I’ve always wanted to go to one and I guess my hinting around about how that may be fun worked! So April 27th we made our way to Tampa for an evening out. Since I’d never been to one I had no idea what to expect.

The theme was “country western” set in 1877 … Apparently we were about the only ones who’d never been to one as everyone was dressed up (according to the theme) – not just the ppl working there but the attendees as well. Ok good to know for future reference.

So I assumed we’d just sit down, order our food, watch a show while we ate and try to figure out who done it 🙂 nope. Not the case at all. We ordered our food (salad, steak and mashed potatoes and dessert – it was fantastic) … And the show began. At each table they made one person a “suspect” and gave them a folder with info to memorize … Each table had 8 people and there were at least 10-12 tables.

With everyone talking amongst themselves at the tables it was nearly impossible to hear everything that was going on. Especially at the far away tables. As our food was being served we were informed we were to get up and start asking the suspects questions. Ok – so apparently it’s a more involved process than originally thought. I didn’t expect it to be so interactive lol. While asking around apparently some seriously useful information was states back toward our table (which we were nowhere near since we were off asking questions elsewhere) … And the info we missed out on was the two key points needed to solve “who done it” lol so needless to say we were wrong, but it was still a LOT of fun!!

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It’s About Time

for me to put up a new blog post! Truth be told, I’ve been extremely busy … and when I haven’t been busy and I’ve actually had time to sit down and write …. I couldn’t remember my log in info to get in here LMAO!! I got a new computer last month and when everything got transferred over … all my IMPORTANT stuff didn’t transfer …. so I’ve been figuring it all out one day at a time as I’ve had a few minutes here and there ….

So let’s start with April since I actually had a lot to blog about last month but couldn’t manage to get on the computer to do so. First off, I went to LA – again – and I did a couple shoots but I also had the pleasure of having my vagina (and ass actually) molded for a brand new sex toy line coming out from Doc Johnson – Milf in a Box! I hope this interests you as much as it interests me. In fact, I hope we show Doc Johnson that they did a solid by putting out a MILF line – because I’d like to think MILFS are pretty damn fuckable. So, if you’d like to fuck me … you should grab my vagina when it hits the shelves in July. Use my vagina any way you see fit! Film yourself fucking it and send it to me. Take pics with it. Use it as a pencil holder, I don’t care lol … let’s show the Doc they made a good choice in putting out this line! I personally intend to be the first person to buy my vagina lol … I want to lick it (oh if only I could lick the real thing – how cool would that be!?) I want to fuck it with a strap-on … I want to use it as a three way scene too 🙂 Why not! May as well have fun with it!

I basically spent the entire month of April FILMING, FILMING, FILMING – when the models actually showed up anyway …and when they didn’t, I filmed without them 🙂 The show must go on! So … there’s a BUNCH of new scenes already up (at this point) and many many many more coming soon – and my shooting schedule isn’t calming down anytime soon. In fact, you can always check out my schedule page:
to see what’s scheduled to go up on the site and when, who I’m shooting with, where I’ll be, etc! I add to it as I know my schedule so it stays updated often!

I also celebrated another birthday at the end of the month (April 26th to be precise) … yep .. I’m another year wiser 😀 I want to send a huge thank you to those who bought me presents for my birthday (some are still arriving) … I love them!!!

Now here we are in the 2nd week of May already. Man, time is just flying by isn’t it!? I’ve already been filming filming filming this month and my schedule is filling up all the way through August! I have planned a couple quickie vacations this summer. It’s about time I take a little down time with the kids and treat them to something nice since we’re purposely scheduling ourselves crazy busy so we can take breaks now and then. I’m looking forward to it. This weekend we’re heading out of town to South Florida for a “family vaca” – which really means hubby gets to see his family … it’ll be a QUICK trip though – getting in late Friday night and leaving Sunday afternoon – so we’ll really only have Saturday to be there – and I’m filming that evening lol. It’s about a 5 hour drive (each way)… so we’ll spend more time in the car than we will actually vaca-ing – and since I’m shooting – it’s no longer a vaca for me at all. 🙂

There … I think I’m pretty caught up now. I had stuff to blog about in specific last month but now can’t remember what… don’t you hate that!? 🙂

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