La La Land

I’ve been swamped with craziness since this year began – well – pretty much my whole life lol … but since I’m writing as to the present … we’ll start there!

I’ve not been blogging much because I’ve just been to busy. I’ve had family in town – staying here – in my computer room – since November. I’ve watched a marriage fall apart (not my own) … and though I saw it coming for years it’s still shitty to watch happen – right in front of my face. I’ve been busy filming at least a few days a week – every week – despite my crazy busy schedule.

I just took a few days to head to LA for Adultcon. Turns out, Vicky Vette was on the same plane as me on the way there! I guess our big tits both being on the same side of the plane was too much for the plane to handle … because it was delayed, delyaed, delayed! By the time I got to my hotel room it was after 12:30 am (Thursday early morning) and I still had to take a bath and shave for the weeks festivities. I climbed into bed at 1:30 am and fell asleep after 2. Up at 6am to get ready for my day.

Naughty America BG scene for – ps: squirted TWICE in this scene!
quick lunch then straight to set for
then straight to
then dinner at Outback (which took forever) before heading to a hotel to shoot a custom video for Cheyenne Jewel.
By the time I took a bath after my day and climbed into bed, it was almost 2am again lol LONG DAY! 17 + hour long day.

POV Blowjob scene for
then met up with Carmen for an extended lunch and hotel change for her. I was planning on laying out at the pool since my BG scene for 3pm wanted to reschedule for Saturday (which was impossible since I was already booked solid) …. but by the time I got tot he hotel and got myself ready, there wasn’t going to be enough time … so I got cleaned up and redid my hair / makeup for Adultcon. By the time I got to AdultCon I had 2 hours before they closed. LOADS of pics coming soon!! Quick drive through on my way to the hotel and after my bath … it was another 18 hour day! My back started hurting so I tried taking it easy!

BJ scene (can’t remember the name of the clip store it’s for but holy FUCK it was a HUGE cumshot! When he said close your eyes … and your mouth … I knew I was about to get blasted!!! Straight to a bondage shoot for and then straight to AdultCon again. I had less than an hour before I had to run my ass to the airport for my overnight flight home (Hulk Hogan was on my plane lol) …

I had the one BG scheduled that needed to reschedule – but I couldn’t because I was booked solid – and I had another BG scheduled as well & he texted to say he didn’t go get tested (and I’m allergic to condoms – so putting myself out of work for him isn’t happening) … and he texted again later asking if I’d shoot Without the condom – come on guys – SAFETY FIRST! If you can’t prove your dick is clean … it’s NOT going near me!

Needless to say, when I got home (on 3 hours of “plane sleep”) .. I was pretty much dead to the world for most of the day. I’m STILL tired from my trip and it’s been a few days at this point. I’ve been busily working on prepping pics to go up … reading videos to go up … and spending time with family. It’s Spring Break here right now … and though Sunday morning when I flew in it was HOT AS HELL here … a cold front moved in Sunday night rendering my week of beach plans useless lol …. so I’m doing more inside type things instead. Tried out glow in the dark mini-golf (headache and nausea inducing – but fun) and saw “Olympus Has Fallen” at the movies yesterday. Today – still no idea my plans since my shopping buddy got bad news and doesn’t feel like hanging out now … but as of next Monday … it’s back at it again!

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