Miles High & Hard to Breathe

It’s long overdue for a blog post. My apologies for running so far behind in here. My schedule has been insane for months now with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Even when I take a week “vacation” … I’m still too busy to stop and actually breath.

Speaking of breathing, I’m having a difficult time with that at the current moment. While I’m writing, I’m who knows how many feet in the air on a plane heading to Atlanta. Stop. Let me rewind ….

Earlier in September, right after the Nightmoves Awards Show (where I won an award – woo hoo) … I was contacted by Sabre Studios. For those who don’t know who that is, it’s a wrestling company I’ve not shot for in about 6-7 years! It’s well past due and they wanted me back in January, but for those who have been following me for a long time would know my back was pretty much fucked in January … Hospitalized, laid up on a couch for a week eating nothing but pills, etc …

Anyway, back to my story, so Sabre Studios wants me to film in LA sometime in early October. I agree. In the meantime, Kieran Lee from Brazzers contacts me and wants to shoot too. Sweet – let’s just make it a 2 day trip and Ill film both then head home. Confirmed? Yes. Great. Trip booked. Hotel booked. Everyone confirmed. Jump to last (hmmm… Whatever day I went to the movies to see “Argo”) … I’m leaving the theater & Brazzers contacts me. They want to shoot on the 7th. Hmmmm … Now I’m realizing this is actually in replacement to my shoot on the 8th … But the producer is awesome & willing to bend over backward to help accommodate since now changing the flight will cost $571 to change to a day earlier (today) AND I’m losing my nonstop flight & forced to deal with a layover (I’m currently on my way to) and I have to pay another night hotel fee (and if course in trying to be close to my final shoot for Sabre, I’m not staying in the same, semi-schlocky hotel I normally stay in. That leaves a here … Why breathing is difficult …

I had my camshow yesterday (awesome as always), I filmed today with Katie Cummings (filming & flying the same day is tough!) awesome stuff today. I hop in the shower, finish packing the things I needed out in the morning to et ready to film and go to print out my boarding passes and such. They’ve sent me an email. My first flight (to Atlanta) delayed about 30 minutes. Ugh. I had less than an hour layover which already meant running to catch my connecting flight as it was. Good news, they’ve pushed back my connecting flight too. Phew. Catastrophe avoided. NOT. Getting ready to board my first flight I receive another email … My second flight (the one to LA) is changing again. What the fuck are they saying now!? My connecting flight will NOT wait for me … Nope, now I get to take the next flight out of ATL to LA … THREE HOURS LATER. I was already going to be getting into LA at past my regular body clock bedtime. NOW … I may be looking at getting in at after 3am (my body clock time!) WTF!? And I get on the plane & idiots put their small carry ons up above so my bag won’t fit ANYWHERE in sight … So I had to put it like 10 seats behind me. Like THAT will be easy to get to!? NOPE. Not a chance in Hell of making my connecting flight now. Ugh. Fucking ripping out my hair by the handfuls. This entire trip has been one headache after another and I haven’t even gotten where I’m
Going yet. I had a bad feeling about this trip last night & this morning. I’m VERY RARELY wrong about my gut instincts. I should have known to prepare for the worst.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to getting to the hotel, bathing, Shaving, eating dinner at now about 1am and getting what will hopefully be enough sleep to function on to look semi-decent for my shoot since I have to get up by 7am for breakfast bc I have to leave by 8 thanks to shitty LA traffic …. Signing off for now ….

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