When it Rains It Pours

I know I’ve not blogged much lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been extremely busy and can barely find the time to do anything at all or what, because it’s not like I’ve been writing for lack of things to say. Maybe because all that’s been happening lately is kinda bad news I’ve just been keeping it to myself for the most part!? Whatever the reason, I’ll try to blog more often….

Last Sunday night (the 19th) I colored my hair. Kind of a fluke thing in the end .. but with all the crap I do to my hair on a daily basis, it was getting in bad shape and fast, so the fastest way to get it healthy fast is to go darker. (Bear with me guys … I know I’m speaking in blah blah blahs to you right now!) …. so when going darker from blond, you first must go red and then after rinsing, you can do whatever color you want (or else it will turn green) … so I was going to go light brown …. but after rinsing out the red … I liked it … so decided to stick with it for at least a little while – and it’s getting rave reviews 🙂 Though eventually, one it’s healthy again, I will be going back to my signature blond 😀

Monday morning (the 20th) I was planning on unveiling my new look live during my camshow … only my grandmother passed away that morning so needless to say, I canceled my show. Then on Thursday my 2nd oldest broke his wrist in two places when he tripped & fell outside. He landed on his wrist and it bent under and then his body landed on it – OUCH! So today he went and got a cast (it’s been in a splint since it happened) …. so … it’s been a crazy week + … I guess when it rains it pours!

Yesterday I took a “me” day where I didn’t really do much … but I stayed off the computer for the most part. Today, all i back to normal. Live camshow, filming, setting up shoots, the works! You know me! I can’t stay away from the action! Hell, it helps me keep all the crazy shit happening in my life in the back of my brain instead of directly in the front.

So, just a quick fill in for those who don’t follow me on twitter … or don’t stalk me on twitter lol! It’s been a crazy YEAR so far … and I’m looking forward to it looking up. As of now, I have plans to hit the beach tomorrow. Wish me luck! Weather SHOULD be cooperative!

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Going Down

So far, 2012 has not been overly kind to me. Back went out. Crazy sick on my trip all over the country. Spent the past few days sick with horrible tummy flu. Ick! I’m looking forward to the big turn around 🙂

My tummy is only now starting to get back to semi-normal (since Saturday) … I had to cancel my camshow yesterday and my model for today. Even though I’m only at maybe 65% , I’m spending every second today cleaning, and disinfecting every surface I can find. I’ve carpet cleaned one room only to realize upon finishing that my carpet cleaner somehow has been compromised and now my floor is soaking wet and no cleaner than it was when I started because the reservoir that holds the dirty stuff is for some reason empty – so all the crap I cleaned … is just all over the floor 🙁

So … now to go rent a carpet cleaner and do it all over again. Maybe this one will work lol! I’ve got little to no energy. I spent much of the past 2 days sleeping or curled up int he fetal position with tummy pains. All I’ve eaten in the past 3 days is 3 pieces of bread and I can’t stomache anything more than that.

Here is to the shitty part of 2012 going down! Time to turn things around!

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