Back on Track

I know it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to sit down and jut write! January 12th I flew to Maryland to spend some time with family and I flew home the early morning of the 16th. I came home, showered, repacked my bags and flew back out on the 16th to Los Angeles, California. I shot for Brazzers and I shot another B/G scene later that night.
My shoot for the next morning in LA canceled me pretty last minute *which I hate – because I booked my hotel for a second night ONLY for her shoot – grrrrrr* … and then later on the 18th I flew out to Las Vegas, Navada. I did back to back hardcore Boy/Girl scenes in the evening and went back to my room to relax. I woke up the next morning – S-I-C-K !!! I looked and felt like I’d been hit by a train. I spent the ENTIRE day of the 19th in bed. Got up just in time to get ready for my next B/G shoot in Vegas. I checked out of my hotel, shot my scene then went straight to the airport.
I flew overnight into Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Met up with more family and had some fun – even though I still didn’t feel well – and ended up staying behind while the rest of my family drove home so I could do another B/G scene later that evening. Then I flew home Monday the 23rd.

Now, I’ve got family staying with me until Thursday and we had a huge BBQ yesterday after shopping the day before. It’s been a mad rush of trying to get things accomplished with all the travel and all the shooting and all the family – but I’m still managing to make it all work out 🙂

So, sorry I’ve not had a minute to write! I truely do appreciate you and I’ll do my best to find more time to stop in and say hello!

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Down & Out

Happy New Year! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve had a chance to blog. It’s been a crazy 2012 so far and it seems just about everyone I know has been down and out in some way or another. I hope to see 2012 pick up on a better note for everyone – myself included!

Since high school cheerleading, I’ve had a bad back thanks to an injury from another cheerleader. Since then, once or twice a year, my back will go out … I’ll get a tinge in it and then the next day it hurts really bad for half a day then all goes back to normal. Not this time. Last Wednesday I felt that tinge and by the next day, I couldn’t walk – AT ALL. I couldn’t even crawl to get myself to the bathroom. It was really bad. I took a percocet to try to help with the pain. Instead, I had a bad reaction to it and spent the rest of the night SUPER sick, wanting nothing more than to throw up but unable to do si. Freezing while dripping sweat – ick! I figured I’d wait it out and be fine the next day. Not so much. The following day I still couldn’t walk – and was even worse. By that night, I went to the emergency room. They said I have 2 herniated discs and to be on complete bed rest for a week.

So here we are … almost a week later. I had to shoot today (last chance before being gone for 11 days) … and ended up doing pretty much nothing but watching. My back still hurts on and off – but I can at least get up and move around as needed now. Praying it gets better ASAP. I’ve got a CRAZY schedule coming up on me!

and here it is … my crazy schedule (which you can always check out on my site) …

Thursday, January 12th – Flying to Maryland

Monday, January 16th – Flying home in morning. Flying to Los Angeles, CA in evening

Tuesday, January 17th – Filming B/G for Brazzers and another B/G later that night

Wednesday, Janaury 18th – Filming for Ginger Lynn morning then flying to Las Vegas, NV.  Filming TWO B/G  scenes starting 6pm

Thursday, January 19th – Filming B/G scene 6pm then heading to the airport. Flight leaves after midnight

Friday, January 20th – Flying into Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sunday, January 22nd – B/G shoot 7 pm

Monday, January 23rd – Flying Home

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