The 5 F’s

What a fun and exciting month November has been! I did a super fun pie shoot for, I flew to Maryland and visited my mom, step-dad, grandmother and aunt. I filmed and filmed when I got home. I went to south Florida and visited all the in-laws and friends and went to Santa’s Enchanted Forest (which was a blast!) i did more filming this week and was finally home to do a LIVE camshow! One of my kiddos just turned 16 and we had his birthday party here Sunday night when he got home from visiting family in Kentucky. Thanksgiving was amazing and today is my husbands birthday. When I wasn’t jet-setting off to other places or filming, I’ve had loads of company over at all times.

I think it’s fair to say this has been one of my favorite months so far this year! Filled with fun, family, friends, fucking and filming! (The 5 F’s!)

December will be equally crazy schedule wise anyway. I’m filming Friday, and then Wednesday the 7th I’m flying to LA. I’ll be shooting for Naughty America again and I’ll be doing 4 more B/G scenes on top of that along with a BJ scene for another company! When I’m not sucking or fucking on film, I’ll be attending AdultCon (for my first time ever) and signing autographs, selling DVD’s and meeting and taking pics with fans. I can’t wait! Time to raid Vicky’s closet! I need to borrow some camo attire for the event!

When I get home, I’m filming, filming, filming, finishing up my Christmas shopping, doing another BG scene in Tampa on the 17th and then taking a break cause school (and daycare) is out and it’s straight family time for the holidays! What a great way to end this year!

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Lenny’s Cream Pies & More

So it’s now shortly after 8:30 PM on 11/11/11 🙂  I was up super early this morning to get ready for a shoot for today. It seems like it’s been ages since I shot for them and I’ve been very excited about getting wet and messy again! So, traveling is tough – especially when it’s me & Elijah traveling – because we have to make alternate arrangements for the kids. In doing so, we ended up leaving here around 8:15 am or so. The shoot was in Ocklawaha … which I’d never heard of – let alone been to … but I was ready! I knew we’d end up being a LITTLE late .. but not too bad. Stopped for some quick McD’s for the road and hit the interstate. So we’re following the GPS … and it brings us straight into a driveway … only the WRONG driveway. There are people there sitting outside giving us a curious look … so we back up … keep driving assuming it must be right down the street since the numbers didn’t match up.

Nope… we drove all around for 30 more minutes. (At this point I’m an hour late.) Of course you’re probably thinking Why didn’t you just CALL and ask for directions? We thought of that too .. only we were literally in the middle of nowhere … with no cell service within 30 minutes in any direction we’d been driving!!

Of course … we did eventually find the place … (we were given the wrong address!!!) … (Well the right address but the address we were given was missing information!) …at that point… we were TWO hours late. (This throws off not only the producers schedule and the other models schedule … but also the schedules of us and the kids and the people watching the kids so I could shoot!) NOT COOL … but everyone was really cool about it all .. and I’m super thankful. Apparently that happens all the time there!

So … on to the shoot …. couldn’t have been better! Nuff Said .. here are a couple pics from the phone ..

I hope you like this little “Taste” of my day! So … we got cleaned up (well .. that’s kind of another story in itself lol … I STILL have shampoo in my hair because the water cut off righ tin the middle of the final shower – head , FACE & body full of shampoo lol (and pies!) But we headed out, grabbed more fast food for the road home. After eating I decided to take the opportunity to nap.

I know I’ll be leaving for the airport around 5 am tomorrow and I’m going to be TIRED! I’m flying solo with the baby – to visit my grandmother in Maryland – so sleep will NOT be on my schedule tomorrow! I’m off in dreamland enjoying myself when I wake to hubby saying “This isn’t good”… not what I want to hear when we’re driving. I woke with a start to realize … we were running out of gas! The electronics in the car have been off for a couple  days .. and apparently the gas gauge along with it all. Yep. Ran out of gas. What’s really weird is the car didn’t just sputter and slowly stop – like most cars when they run out of gas … Oh no. She locked up. Steering wheel wouldn’t turn, battery light came on, brakes wouldn’t compress. FUN! Thankfully we drifted off the interstate down a ramp and barely made it into a hotel parking lot. There was a gas station across the street and we always have a gas can in the trunk. PHEW!!

So needless to say, it was one interesting day … not only in the car .. but also getting pied and fucking a girl with my strapon – in pies too! 🙂 Now I’m off to finish packing & prepping updates for while I’m gone! I’ll be getting home Monday night!


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As some of you may know, my grandmother recently had surgery. She had fallen and broken her hip and was already in not good health before that. Apparently she’s not doing so well right now, so I bought a ticket today to fly up north to see her (and the rest of my northern family) this coming weekend. I’ll be leaving Saturday and coming home Monday night. Friday, I’m shooting in Northern Florida for (wow it’s been a long time since I’ve shot for them!)

When I get home, I’m shooting with Ahna Lynn on Tuesday and then possibly someone else on Thursday before “Thanksgiving Break” which is from Friday the 18-Monday the 28th. During that time, a possible trip to South Florida is being planned.  Not long after that I’ll be flying back out to LA. I’ve been planning on attending AdultCon out there for the first time ever. (It’s tough to travel across the country for a fan fest) but decided I’d make a go at it this year. As it turns out, I may have several shoots booked so I’m not sure how much time I’ll actually get to spend at AdultCon, but I’d at least like to make an appearance for my West coast fans! Plus, I know most of the VNA girls will be there!

It’s about to be a busy hectic schedule … wait … it’s always a busy hectic schedule! Well, I thought I’d tell you about it anyway! 🙂

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