Some Pics from NightMoves 2011


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I did several lap dances (for the first time since I was 20!), watched some football at the bar on Sunday while the rained out pool party was going on, I gave out the First award on stage on Monday, … Continue reading

NightMoves 2011

I know I’ve been a BAD, BAD blogger! I’ve been insanely busy getting ready for the NightMoves show after coming home from LA last week and then I was actually attending the show for the past 5 days and I also filmed with a new girl (Layla) today … so I’m behind. *Spank Me*!

Many of you who follow me on twitter already know that Charley Chase and I met (for the first time) this weekend and I know that’s what everyone wants to hear about … so here it is.

I’ve got to say, as soon as I found out that Charley Chase (the girl I’m in the process of suing over my name since I own the Trademark to it) would be attending the NightMoves show this year, I’ve been kind of dreading it. Up all night. Worried. Confused. Excited. Anxious. Etc. About a million emotions mixed up into one person with a lot on their plate already = a ROUGH week just before the show. Thursday night was the first night of the show. I went to the hotel with my two best buds, Casey & Brandon. (Extra support was definitely going to be needed. I was certain of it!) I walk into the lobby and meet up with Piper Mills and several other girls we’ve shot with before like Nikki Sebastian, Pandora, and more. And then I hear it. Her unmistakeable laugh right behind me. I swear I think I almost got whiplash I turned my head so hard so fast. Sure enough, there she was, Charley Chase.

We all board the vehicles and she’s on the same one as me. I ride on Captain Jack’s lap and she’s more to the front. Cool. We’re avoiding each other. We get to the club, I set out my 8×10’s and DVD’s and she’s sitting very close by. We all get called up on stage. Turns out she somehow ended up standing next to Piper (who I was walking over to stand next to) … so we’re one person apart from one another. She moves to the center of the stage. We get off stage and Piper and I hit the bathroom. On our way out, Charley is coming in. She speaks to us, and I semi-freak out internally and leave the bathroom. 10 minutes later, I REALLY need a beer. I go to the bar and order my drink and I am tapped on the shoulder. “Hey, I hear you’re name is Charlee Chase” she says. I turn and look and it is Charley. I say the same to her. I’m nervous, perplexed, concerned, what does she want? Why is she talking to me? WTF is going on!? And then her eyes light up, she offers to buy me a drink (I politely decline), and before I know it, we’re shaking hands, hugging and talking.

I walk back up to where I was sitting and all the ppl with me are all having heart attacks. She sits down close to where we are again and I grab my Iphone¬† and ask her to take a pic with me. Why not right!? I mean, we’re stuck together for the next 5 days. May as well make the most of it. The lawsuit is costing me more than a new car and has been causing issues at home too because I’m dead serious about it, but at the same time, standing beside me is this adorable little girl seemingly almost excited to meet me – eager to take a pic with me. It’s not a minute later, we’re practically tongue fucking one another. (The looks on EVERYONE’s faces = PRICELESS! There must be a million pics of it … and I’m quite curious to see them. Extremely long 5 day story later … it’s almost like we’re besties hanging out and making out. Strange, Definitely. Unexpected, Definitely. But I’ve got to say, for the first time since I found out about her, I can sleep well. She is probably one of the nicest people I’ve EVER met. So if you find yourself reading this someday Charley, thank you for being so cool! I wish circumstances were different than they are because you fucking rock!

So, the whole weekend stared with complete concern about Charley. It ended on a great note, with us hugging and deciding we may just want to work together. Now wouldn’t THAT be something!?

Of course, the whole weekend wasn’t just me & Charley. I met some truely amazing people. Erica Mcclean was beautiful, friendly, sophisticated, amazing. Katie Summers couldn’t be cuter if she tried. Of course I also finally got to meet sister #VNA girl Carmen Valentina and I adore her!! Can’t wait to shoot with her one of these days! Cousin Stevie is always a pleasure to see as well as Paul & Tracy and I also met Marcus London who Casey and I ended up spending almost the entire night with last night during the actual awards show. He absolutely inspires me. He is intelligent, articulate, funny as hell, animated, and just down right awesome. I also met a photographer from the East coast of Florida who I definitely am planning on shooting with! AMAZING!!

I had the pleasure of meeting numerous fans. Many of which I took pics with. Hopefully the pics will start popping up shortly! For now, I’m exhausted to making my way into bed. I’ll share more tomorrow along with pics!! Goodnight!

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