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I took the past few days and enjoyed a nice vacation in South Florida. Family came with, visited lots of family and did all family things. I know this is much to the dismay of my many fans in the South Florida area who have been wanting to “meet up” or “hang out” or “party”, etc while I’m down there, but sometimes it’s nice to travel without having to work and enjoy sometime with my family, so that’s what this trip was all about. Spent time at the pool (shortly) for one day (until the rain came) and went out to Outback for dinner with part of the family, went to Chili’s for lunch with different family, stayed with other family. It was very nice!

This morning, I did my camshow. This evening, one o my kiddos woke from a nap and on his way walking out in to the living room .. fell flat on his face. His body was asleep and he didn’t realize it untiol he was already falling and he couldn’t even stop himself because his arms were asleep too. He hurt his foot (and bruised his face) on the fall so we spent most of the evening in the hospital. He’s got a splint on it for a week and we’ll be following up with an orthopedic in a few days. Thankfully he keeps his room clean or it could have been much worse!

Tomorrow I’ll be filming with Tabitha. Wednesday, I’m off to the airport (again) for another trip to LA. I’ll be doing two shoots on Thursday. One B/G for Brazzers for and another B/G for Devil’s Films. Then Friday, I’m shooting another “mother / daughter” B/G/G  and this one is also an Interracial. Then I’m doing the flying overnight thing and getting in Saturday morning. The following week (end +)  is the Tampa Night Moves Show (aka: Caravan of Stars) …. so I’m about to have a crazy schedule – starting … well … this morning!

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A Little of This, A Lot of That …

I’m the type of person who gets antsy if I stay in the same place for too long, or if I do the same thing too often, etc … you may notice by my schedule. I like to travel, but I don’t like to travel all the time like I used to. I like to be home, doing my own thing, but I also require changing it up – and often …

It’s been a couple weeks since I last traveled (to Vegas to shoot for Brazzers for “MilfsLikeItBlack”) … and I was supposed to go to Fort Lauderdale last week, but wound up sick, with a house full of sickies, so canceled the night before – even though I’d already bought my ticket and it was too late to get a refund – pft….

So, I’ve been shooting for my own productions and I’ve been on my “regular routine” now for a couple weeks so it’s time to change it up again. I just did a blowjob and a handjob scene and ended up with a VERY messy facial Sunday:

messy messy girl!

and now this weekend I have plans to go to South Florida (technically Thursday night – Sunday) … but may even change that up and possibly go to Alabama (where I’ve never been) … but we’ll see …l I’m waiting to hear back on that …. wherever I go, it’s VACATION time! No shooting, (though I’ll still be updating!) and then I’m shooting with Tabitha on Tuesday and then Wednesday I’m off to LA again for a few shoots.

I’ll be doing a B/G for Brazzers for Thursday and then later that night I’ll be doing another B/G and then Friday I’ll be shooting a B/G/G and then I’m flying home again – getting home on the 1st after another all nighter on the plane 🙂

After that, it’ll be time for the Tampa Night Moves Award Show weekend. I hope lots of fans come out to see / meet me 🙂 I always have a blast there. Of course, this year may be different since I’ll be forced to deal with having the chick I’m paying $10,000 out of my own pocket to sue    right here in my face for the whole damn thing. NOT looking forward to that. Whatever. Fuck her and her nonsense. I’ll reign in court and that’s all that matters 🙂

So … I’ve got a lot of crazy travel and excitement coming up shortly and then I’ll be ready to take it easy for a couple weeks again, do my own thing around here … maybe do some small local shoots  … and then I’ll get antsy again and fly someplace else!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

My favorite season of the year is coming to a screeching halt as we’ve been inundated with pouring rain for weeks now. I try to get my sunning in to tan my pasty ass (and other bits) before summers official end (which is the 23rd) but there is seemingly no sun in sight. I don’t do tanning beds (which give me terrible looking spoltches all over my tummy), spray tan, or any of those other “I want to look orange” things that other girls do .. so I do it the old fashioned way … way too many hours of killing time laying in the sun! I’m crossing my fingers that I can find my way to the beach or at least be able to take advantage of my (way too cold thanks to all the rain) pool soon!

It looks as though I’ll be doing some more traveling again shortly. I’ve got plans to do some shooting in South Florida, but do not yet know the dates. It also looks as if I’ll find myself back in LA at the end of this month for another quick fly in, fuck the hell out of me, and fly back out scenario 🙂 Keep an eye on my schedule at any time as I do my best to keep it updated! (Direct link to my schedule is: )

Since the weather is not being kind again today, I’m spending most of my day sitting at the computer preparing all kinds of pics and vids for the website and stores 🙂 Not a bad way to spend the day, but I can think of about a million things I’d rather be doing … like ….




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Slutty September

So far, it looks like September is going to be another fantastic month filled with naughty surprises! Yesterday, I spent the better part of my day filming with Grace Evangeline and it was a great day of filming to say the least! Here are some pics:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

"Horny Hitchhiker"

Today, I spent my morning filming with Brianna Cole. Here are a couple pics from this morning:

Tickle, Tickle

Balloon Blow to Pop Handjob

Another Pic

Cum all over her socks!

Face Down ...

More Penis Play

I took this evening to sit down and watch the original “Friday the 13th” … love scary movies… but since that one is so old, I didn’t find it scary like I did when I was younger, in fact, I found it rather humorous, but I still enjoyed it either way! My favorite kinds of movies are suspense / horror movies, but I enjoy just about any movie I watch.

It’s Labor Day weekend …. which means BBQing and spending time with friends and family over the weekend. I’ll be very busy for much of this month not only filming for my own productions (and stepping them up) … but also shooting for other companies as well – both big and small. It looks like I’ll be flying out to LA again at the end of the month to shoot with Brazzers. (and whoever else is interested in shooting!) I really need to get on looking into my flights … but I’ve been enjoying some “relax time” when I’ve not been filming so haven’t been on the computer as much as usual for the past 2 days. I’ll be back on schedule by Tuesday though 🙂

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