Vegas Rush

As it is with just about any work related travel, I just underwent one crazy hectic schedule – never short of surprises along the way! (As usual!) … Tuesday night I went to bed a little after midnight and my alarm woke me up at 4 am. By 4:30, I was out the door on my way to the airport. By 5 am, I was already sitting at my gate, anxiously awaiting some type of food joint to open so I could at least grab a bite to eat before taking off. 5:30, they opened and I thankfully enjoyed a nice warm breakfast and then boarded my plane – heading for Vegas. My flight was supposed to land at 8:05 am, but amazingly enough, arrived 40 minutes early! Gotta love it! Turns out, I would have had time to eat when I got to Vegas …. LOL. I got picked up shortly after arriving and made my way to the studio. I got all prettied up:

Aug24 Camera Pic

Then it’s usually a lot of hurry up and wait … so I relaxed in the “lounge” until my guy for the day arrived.  By the way, here we are together in the car on the way to set:

Aug24 Me & Jason Brown

I did my first Interracial scene in nearly 6-7 years – for – I’ll of course let everyone know when it’s out! Shoot went great – as usual – and I met some awesome people – like Kelly Divine who was also shooting that day,  Bugsi (www.myspace.con/bugsi1) and DJ Direct – cool people! For those wondering … as I’m sure some are …. yes … he had a HUGE black cock – and I took it like a champ – ending with a massive facial! 🙂

Then I headed back to the airport to sit and wait for 8 hours for my flight lol. There were no earlier flights available heading to Tampa. Now while I was shooting in Vegas, my hubby was shooting in Sarasota doing a few wrestling scenes. One of the girls “hopped” on his lower tummy while trying to get him in a schoolgirl pin and he had spent much of the day complaining that it hurt and wasn’t feeling right – which is unusual for him as he’s got a very high pain tolerance like I do.

Several hours later, I finally board my plane (which changed gates 4 times while I was sitting there) and I could FINALLY get some sleep shortly after 1 am (Vegas time) … so I’d been up for 24 hours at that point on 4 hours of sleep. ME = TIRED! My layover was in Houston. I got off the plane, grabbed a bagel from Einsteins and a soda and got to  my next gate after about 15 minutes of walking. Not 10 minutes later, they announce a gate change – 25 minutes walking distance in the direction I just came from. REALLY!~? Get your shit together Continental!

As the plane lands at 11 am (late), I turn on my phone and what seems like a thousand texts and calls start streaming into my phone. Really odd for that time of day! Turns out, hubby’s in the hospital. I know nothing more other than my older kids are home watching the baby. OK … now I’m doubly nervous! I grab the first cab I see and race home. Feed the kids, get in the car & head to the hospital – kids in tow. Apparently he has a kidney stone and the wrestling had dislodged it and sent it further down but not to where it needs to be to rid of it – so that’s what was causing all the pain. The good news – everyone is OK! I am home and safe and a little before midnight, I finally fell asleep in my own bed and slept like a Queen!


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Back To Life …

It’s been an amazing summer and it’s hard to believe it’s already time to get back to life as usual. School starts back up here on Monday and I’ve spent two days in the past two weeks sitting in High School  …. getting one of my kiddos registered for school. (I have two high school aged kiddos, one in middle school and one still several years away from kindergarten!) It’s funny, some days I really miss high school. Drama Club, Cheerleading, Boys, Art, Sports. And then I take a moment and think back and there’s most certainly more I disliked about high school than I liked … so I’m thankful I don’t have to go through it any more! Now I get to relive it through my kiddos – and their friends – and it’s just as awful now as it was then! Right about now, I’m feeling pretty old … but I started YOUNG … so I’m still WAY younger than most of the other parents 🙂 So I guess it’s all good!

With the start of school also comes the start of my typical shooting schedule which I am definitely looking forward to! I’ll be doing my live camshow for members on Mondays from 12-1 pm (EST) and then filming an average of two more days a week. I’ll also be traveling here and there and shooting for other companies as well. For instance … I’ve got my camshow Monday *lathering hair wash in the tub* and then I’m filming Tuesday with Mandy Taylor. Then I’m flying to Vegas on Wednesday the 24th, shooting for Brazzers and then flying home overnight and getting in Thursday morning. It also looks like I’ll be heading back to South Florida for a couple days in September. I’ll let you know when I know more! (or you can always check out my schedule on the site!)

For now, Time to get a little bit of work done so I can enjoy the rest of the day!

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Give me a break …

The past – well couple weeks now – have been Go, Go, Go! Traveling here and there, being dog ass sick for a week, and then filming my butt off before, during & after FetishCon. The good news … I’ve got LOTS of HOT content for , and the not so good news, I’ve been so crazy busy that I’ve fallen behind on a couple things – like emails, mailing out the FREE signed 8×10’s to members requesting them, sending out my thank you’s for Amazon Wishlist gift purchases and I’m struggling to feel 100% better since I’ve had no rest. But it’s all good, because after Thursday, I’m on official break for probably 2 weeks to work on capturing and preparing all this content!

Of course, during this 2 week break, I have someone moving in … so I’ll be completely changing around two rooms (one of which is currently my computer room – which will soon be non-existent) … so one whole room is moving into this room, this room is moving into my bedroom and the garage and a truck full of family’s belongings will be moving into the other room…. and since the other room was the Baby’s room, it means I’ll be painting not one, but two rooms to prepare for their arrival … so even with the break, I’ll be very busy! Then I’ll be back to filming again … lol!

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