FetishCon is Underway!

It’s THAT time of the year again! Time for FetishCon! As usual, we began our super busy week by filming here – for my weekly camshow Monday. Only, I was too sick to participate this week, so I invited Michelle Peters over to take my place for an hour or so. Hubby hadn’t so much as had his cock sucked by another female (other than me of course) in the past 6 years, but all that changed this week! Not only did she suck his cock, but she also fucked him – while I watched and directed and while Members watched live on cam! Talk about HOT! WOW! For those who missed it live, it should be up in the archives this weekend at: http://www.CharleeChaseLive.com

Tuesday, we filmed with Diana Knight in the morning and then I shot with her again later in the evening for http://www.AHWGallery.com

Wednesday, we were supposed to be filming with Briella Jaden and her guy, but they no call no showed and then later wrote saying they didn’t realize they had a shoot with us (I guess they forgot to write it down after confirming lol) so we tried to reschedule them for next week, but it’s just not going to work out right now.

Thursday, we took the morning to get some things done around here and get the car all packed. We brought all the stuff to the hotel in Tampa and set everything up and then hit the Meet & Greet for a while. Saw SO MANY people I know, met several I didn’t, even met some fans, and took a bunch of pics with people. Another great day! We got back here pretty late but sat down to watch the end of a movie we’d started previously and went to bed late.

Today, we were up way too early for my own personal taste, to get to the hotel by 8:30 am. I got myself ready and it was time to shoot by 9 am! We shot from 9am – 9pm with short breaks here and there to eat. We shot with Jasmine Mendez, Daisy Rae, Jacquelin Velvets & Stephy C. Another great day. Also managed to find time to fuck as well 🙂 LOVE IT! If you don’t follow my twitter account yet, now’s a great time to check it out because I’m posting LOADS of pics of everything I’m up to while I’m doing it – including fucking 🙂

Now it’s after 11 pm and I’m quickly running out of steam. It’s been a long day and I”ll be up super early again tomorrow to repeat! So for now, goodnight!


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Travels & Tribulations

(I wrote this last night but my blog wasn’t letting the pics come through – so I’m trying again!) I’ve been a bad girl (spank me, I already know it) and it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This is the BUSIEST time of year for me every year with FetishCon now upon us, and I’ve been keeping myself very busy in the weeks preceeding it, so I’ve been struggling to find an extra 10 minutes to actually write about what I’ve been up to. For those of you who follow me on twitter, you can keep a pretty good tab on what I’ve been up to – plus I upload pics there like crazy, so if you don’t follow me, you may want to! http://www.twitter.com/charlee_chase

I’ll try to sum up my last few weeks quickly: Had family in town for 3 weeks. That was my official “vacation time” … since then, I’ve been filming like a fiend with sexy new girls for our productions here, I had a canceled shoot for Brazzers in LA, but went out anyway because I had 2 back to back shoots with Naughty America. While there, someone from twitter had read that I had a cancel with some free time so he hooked me up with a shoot doing a 2 girl blowjob scene for what I believe to be going on the following video: “Moms teaching their Daughters how to Suck Cock 10″. Don’t quote me on that, but I THINK that’s what the working title is supposed to be. Our guy for the night was Karlo Karrera. The following day, I had back to back scenes with Naughty America (My first time shooting for them in several years) and I love working with them. Always have, always will! My two studs for the day were: Daniel Hunter for “My First Sex Teacher” and Kris Slater for “My Friends Hot Mom”. I’d be hard pressed to say which scene is going to be a hotter scene! Both are awesome in their own ways! Cut to the end of the shoot, my ride didn’t show or tell me he wasn’t coming and I was already late, so if it wasn’t for Kris giving a buddy a call for me, I would have missed my flight. Mad props to Kris Slater for watching my back!

An overnight flight home later on less than 3 hours sleep, I arrive home to being sick. It came on out of NOWHERE! Fever spiked to 102.7, my throat is still sore, still can barely move my neck and here I am, almost a week later, still too sick to shoot as I want to. I have to be VERY hands and definitely mouth off – which is killing me! My live camshow was a definite no-no but I wanted a camshow anyway, so after some last minute calls, got Michelle Peters here and since I was too sick to do my own camshow, had her fuck hubby for me. Boy was he excited! She’s the first girl he’s gotten a blowjob from and certainly the first girl he’s fucked besides me in 6 years! And she blew him and fucked him good! Thanks Michelle!! I stayed off camera, but directed them to doing what I wanted to see them doing! SO HOT!

Today, we filmed with Diana Knight. Loved her! In fact, we shot with her here, and then I had another shoot with her tonight for http://www.AHWGallery.com :)Still couldn’t film what I was planning on filming because I’m still too sick, but here are pics from what we DID film:

Diana Pops Balloons

Charlee Chase & Diana Knight

Boobs 1

Boobs 2

Diana's Feet

Sexy Milfs

Gotta cop a feel!

Bikini Girls

Diana Gets Wet

and clean

but mostly wet!


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Middle of July Update # 5974

July is already more than half way over and what a fantastic month it has been! We’ve had family in town and have been here, there, and seeminlgy everywhere, but mainly to the beach! We’ve also been filming with lots of brand new girls you won’t see everywhere else! My website has launched and I’ve already begun doing my weekly live cam shows Monday’s at noon (EST) (last week’s show was all about smoking, lingerie, blowjobs & sex that ended in a very messy facial – but no worries if you missed it because all of the cam shows are archived, so you can watch them anytime at: http://www.CharleeChaseLive.com)! Tomorrow’s cam show will focus on Puffy Jackets, blowjobs & tit fucking! You can check it out live and even turn on your cam too if you want! We’ll be finishing this month off with loads of filming as FetishCon is quickly approaching! I hope to see some of you there! But now for this months updates (so far!) Here they are from newest to oldest:

Brooklyn Licks Charlee’s Belly Button
Charlee Gives Brooklyn CPR
Alexis Venton Washes Her Long Hair
Nude Mixed Wrestling Alexis Vs Rod
Amanda Taylor’s Balloon Blow to Pop Handjob
Charlee Washes Amanda’a Hair
Charlee Tongues Alexis Venton’s Belly Button
Charlee & Julie Underwater
Hollis Tries on Puffy Jackets
48 Inches & Masturbation
Charlee & Brandon Girl on Girl
Julie Washes Her Hair

If you enjoy reading my updates – or just simply what’s going on in my world, feel free to join me at some of my favorite places!
I’ve FINALLY launched my official website! There is a free video on the main page (That’s about 5 minutes long!) and I’ve already added 255 videos and 711 photos! Plus, members also get access to 8 other awesome sites, free live cam shows daily, hundreds of archived camshows, and more. PLUS, I’m sending out FREE signed 8×10’s to anyone who joins (and would like one!) My live cam shows will be Mondays at Noon (EST)!
http://www.twitter.com/charlee_chase (Follow me on Twitter – It’s FREE and I post LOADS of naughty and candid pics!)

http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/ (Want to check out some of my other work?)


http://www.myspace.com/charleechase (I don’t use this as often anymore, but I still hop on from time to time)

Do you prefer just tickling? Check out our tickle store: Tickle Torture at:

Do you prefer DVD’s?Check out my DVD store at:

After numerous requests to start up an Amazon Wishlist, I did just that! I even made a little YouTube video for it which can be seen at:

I’ve already received some awesome items from it and I want to thank those who have already purchased gifts for me. (Anyone who buys me anything from my
wishlist, will receive a little something from me as well!) I love getting surprises in the mail and am happy to give a little something back for it! The direct link to my Amazon Wishlist is: http://www.amazon.com/Charlee-Chase/wishlist/1BZAST4NXMV9T

If there is something specific you want to see, feel free to let me know. I’ll see what I can do about turning your fantasy into a reality! It never hurts to ask! Many of our girls – including myself – are available for custom requests so if there’s someone specific you prefer, just let me know! They may be available for just what you’re looking for! I’ve had some fantastic new requests lately, so there will be some new fetishes popping up here and there. I want to thank you again for your continued support. Remember, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here!

Charlee Chase

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Let’s Get Off Together

I’ve not had much of a chance to blog lately with traveling and shooting and now family in town and hosting a weekend filled with birthday goodies for my best friend but I have been trying to keep active on twitter sending over lots of photos as I get the chance!

Last weekend, I had family fly into town getting in at almost 1 am thanks to a flight delay. At 5 am, I was up and getting ready to head to the airport myself to fly to Miami. I had a full day of Girl on Girl shooting with Sheridan Love for Score. In fact, they’ve already got the video (and photos) up I believe! Check it out at:


We had such a great time together getting hot, wet & nasty with one another that we met up later at our hotel after getting cleaned up and we went out on the town for a while! Gotta love girls!

I stayed overnight for another fun day with Score (who if I haven’t said before a hundred times – is and probably will always be my FAVORITE company to shoot for! I love the ENTIRE staff & crew and feel so at home when I’m there! I hope they can shoot me forever!) Day two, I did a Leg Sex scene where Mirko fucked me while sniffing my feet, heels and stockings and then squirted a huge load of cum all over my big stocking covered feet! Yum! And if that wasn’t enough fun, I had a fan letter come and I answered it – POV style! Let’s just say, I hope he writes me again!

I left for the airport and met another model (a non-adult model) and we talked for hours and ended up on the same plane together. I hope to hear back from her when she comes to the area again because she was AWESOME!!

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been chilling with family – though the whole going to the beach every day plan has been shot to hell with this weather all week and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon, but it’s all good! I’m having a blast anyway! I’ve also been getting fucked every which was and having enough orgasms to keep me horny ALL the time – so much so that I stopped in to watch Vicky Vette suck & fuck in her cam2cam show yesterday – HOT STUFF!

This entire weekend is all about my best friends birthday – so we went to get her manicure yesterday and then went shopping (and I bought myself some new heels to strut around in) … and then we spent the evening together too. Today, I threw the official birthday party and everyone just left a while ago. Another perfect day (despite the weather currently) … and tomorrow it’s more shopping and then dinner @ Carabbas! Monday is the 4th of July and we’ve not decided on exactly what6 to do just yet, but whatever we do, I’m sure we’re going to have fun and I hope you do too (if you celebrate it!)

I’d like to take a moment to thank those who have joined http://www.CharleeChaseLive.com

I appreciate your support & I hope you’re enjoying the site! If there’s something you’d like to see, please feel free to be an active participant on the boards,  email me, just let me know in general! I’m always open to feedback & suggestions! The more I know what you like, the more we can get off together!


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