Ready For More !!!

I’ve admittedly been lacking in several areas lately. I’ve not had much family time, I’ve not had many blog posts, I’ve not felt like cooking so I’ve been eating out, etc… all so I could launch this site and get up all the content I wanted on it before launch date! I’ve still got a bunch I want to add to it and will continue to do so in my now spare time.

Tonight, I added the first “official” update that I filmed exclusively for the site. I hope you like it! It’s called, “Military Blowjob Facial” … pretty self explanatory title 🙂 Today I did a bunch more filming (which will be – for the most part – that last filming I’ll be doing for a couple weeks since I have family coming into town Sunday and staying here for three weeks) … but not to worry, I’ve prepared LOTS of photos and videos to upload during my absence of filming. Here are a couple pics from today:

Ready to Film!

Want to Join Me?

That's Better!

I'm a Hungry Girl!

Can't Neglect the Shaved Balls!

Enjoyed a Little Tit Play too!

Freshly Fucked!

Feeling Good!

Ready For More!


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The Blog of All Blogs

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I assure you it’s only because I’ve been super busy getting things prepared for today! Today is the OFFICIAL launch of my website!

I am now an official member of the VNA (Vette Nation Army) – which I fully believe is the BEST network of porn sites anywhere on the web! Not only do you get me, but you get the one and only Vicky Vette, Bobbi Eden, Sunny Lane, Sara Jay, Shanda Fay, Francesca Le’, Carmen Valentina and last but not least, Deauxma! (And there will soon be a couple more additions as well!) AND, as a thank you, anyone who joins my site will receive a FREE signed 8×10 from me! Just send me an email after you join with your subscription number and your name & address you want me to mail it to! It’s that easy!

Now for those who have been following my adventures on twitter amongst other places ( , you may already know that I was forcefully removed from a flight (layover) in Charlotte, NC Sunday on my way home from a family vacation to Maryland. Well, apparently I’m just not meant to fly US AIR or something because along with the launch of my website today, I was supposed to be flying to LA on US AIR (I had a shoot tonight and two shoots for Naughty America – since I’ve had about a billion requests to shoot with them again) … so long story as short as I can possibly make it – so you won’t have to sit here and read for an hour…..

I’ve NEVER used an agent to book shoots in ALL these years in the adult industry – until a month ago. I used to have all the direct contacts in my phone for all the companies out there – until my phone PHYSICALLY caught fire a couple years ago and my sim card got fried…. so I decided to use an agent since I thought it would make things easier. (Now those who have been following me or reading older blog entries already know about my last trip to LA – which was because my agent told me to book a flight for blah dates) If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to scroll down and give it a read if only to shake your head at the way things work sometimes in this biz. Now let me pause to state that I JUST got paid from one of the scenes I did there (3 weeks ago) and was starting to think I was going to have to sue to get paid. So, 16 days ago, my “agent” Mike said Naughty America wanted to shoot me 2 scenes in LA on the 22nd. I paid almost $600 for my plane ticket and told him I’d be flying in on the 21st and getting in around 9:30 pm. I’d be shooting with someone else that night and then to let me know my call time ASAP for the 22nd and what I needed to bring b/c I was going on vacation until the 19th. My flight was leaving LA at 7:30 pm on the 22nd after shooting. He said OK, all is good. So, for 16 days I’ve thought, all is good.

WRONG. I was told to contact Corey, the other agent there. UM … OK. Well apparently Corey is the one who BOOKED my shoot with Naughty America – though I’d never spoken to him until today. I’m at the airport, the plane is pre-boarding and I get a text from Corey saying my call time is at noon. I write back asking how am I going to do 2 shoots and get to the airport by 5:30 pm. He writes back and says I need to change my flight. So, it’s time me for to stop fucking around and pick up the phone and call him.

Now I may sound like a bitch, and frankly I don’t care, but I told him that my flight home was a non-negotiable. I was told with still reasonably short notice that I needed to book my flight so I did, but I also made it perfectly clear to Mike (though him and Corey seem to have NOT mentioned anything about me, about the crap that happened on the last trip or about anything we’d spoken about to one another) because when I told him that Mike knew my travel schedule, he not only acted shocked, but said Mike is no longer with the agency. Um, OK … but this still doesn’t change the fact that I paid $600 for a flight to LA to shoot two scenes for Naughty America and I knew it was gonna cost a small fortune to change my flight and I had about 10 minutes to get it figured out because by now the plane was actually boarding. So I call my hubby, I get on my phone internet, I have a ticket agent looking up flights for me trying to find a later flight out of Burbank airport for tomorrow night after the 7:30 flight I’d already paid for. My ticket agent said there was NO flights after 7:30. My phone said the same thing. The lady on the phone with my hubby said there was ONE flight and it was just after 8 pm (and from what Corey said, I’d be lucky if I made THAT flight even if I DID pay to change it) … and it was going to cost me over $500 to change the flight just for the one way ticket home. I’m sorry, but I’m not paying $1100 outta pocket for a flight because someone else didn’t do their job. It’s very simple in my opinion. You have my travel info, work around it. If NA wanted me there on such a such a date and I stopped what I was doing and paid out of pocket to get there to accommodate their requests, they should have the decency to accommodate me for the short time I’ll be there. Instead, THIS is the response I got. Corey called “Bobby” or whoever from Naughty America and Corey told me “Bobby” said he’s very unhappy with me and he doesn’t want to feel rushed (ps … all he had to do was switch WHOEVER is shooting with them at 10 am to the 4 pm slot and all would have been fine) … and that he’s not working around “some models” flight schedule. That I’m replaceable  and blah blah blah, on and on and I need to change my flight.

Want to know my response to all this? My ass is still in Tampa! I handed my ticket to the agent, ate that $600 I spent out of my own pocket to shoot for a company I really wanted to shoot for, called my hubby, got picked up an hour later and went to his football game. I ran around on the field, threw and caught some balls, got drenched in sweat, had a great time and couldn’t be happier about my decision. I’d rather be here working on my brand new website making things just right for my TRUE fans than go out of my way for an agency that’s fucked things up for me twice and for a company that won’t schedule me at a time that works within my flight schedule – after I paid to shoot JUST WITH THEM!

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Here, There & Everywhere

This is going to be one BUSY month! Filmed with Bella Roxxx on the 1st. Filmed for my website the 2nd and 3rd. Filmed with Mandy & Andrew yesterday. Today I’m spending all day getting the website ready to launch. Tomorrow is the last day of school and I’ll be baking goodies tonight in celebration and then I’ve got a couple appointments in the afternoon. Thursday, I may be flying to NY, filming and then flying right back home Thursday night. Friday, I’m filming with Brandon Areana in the morning, taking care of my testing in the afternoon and attending a concert in the evening. Saturday morning I’m flying to Fort Lauderdale and shooting a B/G/G/G/G and a G/G and more and then flying home Saturday night. Sunday morning I’m filming with Anabelle Genovisi and then packing my bags and going on a family vacation to Maryland for a week (which will be much needed and deserved). I get home on Sunday the 19th and then have an apt Tuesday the 21st  and then fly to LA that night and filming a B/G scene. I’m filming 2 B/G scenes with Naughty America on the 22nd and then flying home that night. It’s my full intention to hire 1 – 2 people for the week of the 20th on my “off” days because I have family coming to town and staying here for 3 weeks on the 26th. I fly to Miami on the 27th and I’m shooting a G/G for Score and then staying in town another day to shoot a B/G scene for Score on the 28th and then flying home that night. Then my ass is on a break for a little bit to enjoy time with family! In the meantime, my site will have launched and I’ll begin doing live cam shows … so BIG THINGS HAPPENING, even though I’m here, there and seemingly everywhere!

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From Coast to Coast

Life has been one crazy, busy flash of light for the past week or so. I took a “me” day last Monday to hit the beach and just enjoy life. While I was there, my phone started blowing up. I’m wanted in South Florida, I’m wanted in LA, I’m wanted in Texas, I’m wanted in New York. I honestly just wanted to chill on the beach lol … but started making plans instead. I flew down to Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday and I hunted the Milf Hunter. I flew home Tuesday night (though my flight ended up being delayed a few hours). I unpacked my bags and Wednesday, I was shooting here for and our clip stores. Thursday was all about packing and getting things in order and Friday my kiddo had a 9 am presentation and then we drove straight to Orlando because B & C needed a ride to fly up to NY. So, I booked my (last minute) flight to LA out of Orlando, since I was going to be there anyway. In our haste, we picked a non-stop flight but didn’t notice it was going to LAX instead of Burbank … grrrr … Come to find out, B&C were flying out of Sanford instead, so didn’t even have to be at that airport. Now …

I’d actually planned a family vacation down to Fort Lauderdale (a month in advance) for Memorial Day weekend. Instead, I ended up flying to LA. I get off the plane and it took almost 3 hours to get to where I was staying (near Burbank airport) thanks to the holiday traffic. (of course, I’m paying for my drivers out there …. so … yeah) … I ended up canceling my first scene since my travel plans out there were so last minute the person I was supposed to be shooting with didn’t get his test in time. No test = no shoot! So I took a bath, got myself situated and went to bed. I woke up still on Florida time (or so my body kept insisting) … at 5:30 am (ugh) and I couldn’t fall back asleep. This was my LONG day out there too. I was shooting with Kelly & Ryan Madison for My manager was supposed to be driving me, but decided late the night before that it may cut into his plans, so he decided to find a last minute replacement instead. So he tells me “Dave” will be driving me and he knows me. So, “Dave” shows up and of course, it’s not me he knows, it’s the other chick using my name. Great. The shoot is almost 2 hours away and I was told it’d be $80 to drive me for the day. We get there and I told Dave I’d pay him when I’m finished shooting (I’m not stupid enough to pay a ride in advance!) and I said, “it’s $80 right!?” He says, sure …. ONE WAY. He tells me that Mike sent him a text saying I’d pay $180. I showed him my text that said $80 and he showed me his text that said $180. I was basically put in a situation where I felt if I didn’t pay $180, I’d be stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere, so I swallowed my tongue and went on about my day. Kelly & Ryan were awesome! I had a great time shooting with them and I loved their staff too!! They did and AWESOME job on my hair/makeup/photos, etc! I can’t wait to see it! It was a LONG day, but a good day. So I get picked up and I stop at an ATM and give the guy his money. On the way back, we hit a small bump and his rear view mirror comes flying off the windshield and smashes into my knee (ouch!) Now I’ve got this massive bruise on my knee and I grab it off the floor and it’s smashed into a billion pieces from the force at which it hit my knee. Fabulous. So, when I get in, I text the manager to say I’m finished and back where I’m staying and I mention that I was completely screwed on the cost of the driver (mentioning that I saw the text he sent him saying $180 and that he specifically told me $80) … and he blew it off like I didn’t even say anything at all. I’m not fucking myself and ending up stranded over $100 but seriously, does anyone else think this is fucked up? Cause everyone I talked to out in LA said it shouldn’t have cost more than $100 including Kelly, her hubby, her staff ,the guy I was staying wit hand more) … just saying…. I was supposed to shoot again that night but to follow suit with the entire trip, things got fucked up and it didn’t happen. So, sometime near 2 am, I went to sleep (having been up since 5:30 am). Sunday I wake up around 8 and start getting ready. I had a B/G/G *kinda* with Christian and Mae Meyers for Lethal Hardcore (for what I think will be for the DVD line: Moms Pimp Their Daughters. (LOL) Call time was pushed back and no one informed me (the driver was given the wrong phone number to reach me – he showed me when I got in the car that he texted me the day before – which is how I realized it was the wrong number) I tell you, this whole trip was literally one thing after another. The shoot went great and when we finished up, there was a problem with the check. It got rectified, but I tell ya, I was about ready to scream at this point! The driver took me to Chipotle for dinner (yum) and then I went straight to the airport. I honestly wanted to get the fuck out of there and get to Fort Lauderdale with my family where I was supposed to be all weekend anyway!

So, 2 layovers and 20 hours later, I finally stepped off the plane to relax yesterday for Memorial Day. We went pretty much straight to North Miami Beach and met up with some friends to enjoy the beach and a massive BBQ. We grilled out hamburgers, steaks and sausage and laid out in the sun for hours. Later, I munched some pizza and went out for ice cream. (Did I forget to mention that short of the Chipotle on the way to the airport in LA, all I ate was a bowl of cereal and a couple muffins and I’d been STAVING!?!) So, on the way back to the house, we decided to stop at the ATM and deposit the cash I had on me since I don’t like traveling with so much cash. We put in $700 and the ATM got all screwed up and said it was only $300 and that there was a problem with the transaction and refused to give us back the money. I swear, it’s literally been one thing after another! Of course, it’s a holiday, so no one can help us so we call first thing this morning and we’re told if it doesn’t fix itself by tonight it’ll take up to 10 business day. Ghetto Fabulous I tell ya! It should be simple. Either post my money, or give it back to me. Today I woke up early and went for a walk to buy some chocolate croissants (mmmmm) and then packed up and got ready to head home. We drove home this afternoon and stopped at this place called “Buddy’s” for lunch. It used to be a Checkers fast food joint, but now it’s “Buddy’s” and it was recommended to us so we thought we’d try it out. GREAT fast food! WOW! Came home, unpacked the car, loved up the kitties and was surprised with a package from UPS. Someone surprised me with a present from my Wishlist ( It’s a sexy pair of heels. Since I’m shooting here tomorrow for and the clip stores, I’ll put them on and take some pics in the morning. For now, I’m exhausted, trying to get back on East Coast time and recouping from hell trip. What’s great is I’m already planning not only another trip to LA, but also two to NY and more! (Plus, I’m going on vacation to MD in two weeks lol) … I’m so happy to be home right now. It really takes it out of me traveling coast to coast!

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