Ending March with a Bang (or 3)

I should probably start by saying that I’m writing today’s blog post on my phone, so I apologize in advance if my “smart phone” comes off as a dumbass – as it’s been known to do from time to time. For some unknown reason it completely makes up words sometimes and I type so fast that I don’t even notice.

That being said, it’s been a long time coming and I’ve had SO many requests to get back in front of the camera for other companies. I finally jumped back in – head first Charlee Chase style. Last Thursday I shot for clubcharleechase.com all morning and then shot for clubtug.com and cumblastcity.com all night. Friday morning I shot for bangbros for a new site – mygf.com – which was my first official hardcore boy/girl scene back. I shot with Shaggy Longwood and had a blast – literally – all over my face!! This weekend I took a family vacation down to Miami and I had to turn down some work just so I could have some downtime. Yesterday, I went to boomers and played for a while and then laid out by the pool for about an hour before the sky got too threatening. I spent my evening hanging out in a penthouse at Trump Towers, enjoyng the view, good food & great company. To finish off my night, I came back to where I’m staying and watched an episode of breaking bad (I’m up to season 3 now), took a bath, shaved, lotioned up from head to toe and then
got my sleep so I could be up early again today. I had a shoot scheduled for 10 but it got pushed back til 11 and I got myself ready to leave and it got pushed back again until noon, so I grabbed some lunch and killed some time before heading to South Beach. Another fantastic scene – this time for another new site- desperatesluts.com – my scene was with Jon Sizemore and was another blast – literally right in the face! Thankfully I travel with eye drops just for this reason!!! We got in, got er done & finished way ahead of schedule, so I’ve been spending the rest of my
afternoon hanging out with a musician friend. It’s almost time to leave for dinner at Joe’s crab house in south beach (at least I think that’s where it is) … Tomorrow I’ve got a 9 am call time to shoot for Score. I wonder who my guy of rhe day will be
tomorrow!? They’ve not told me, so u guess it’ll be a surprise! Of course, I’ll keep you updated as I know what’s going on!!

For now, I’m off to enjoy my night, but I’d like to ask you to take a moment and click a vote my way if you haven’t already. I’ve gotten past the first few rounds an there are only 8 ofnus
left. This Sunday night, only the top 4 will
move on…. So were nearing the end of the
march madness contest on mypornprofile – which means I’ll atop bugging you to vote daily for me – soon – at least for ehis contest !! Mypornprofile.com/blog

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Coming Up For Air…

The past few days have been so busy, I feel like I need to take a step back and come up for air! Yesterday, I booked a semi-last minute shoot with Michelle for ClubCharleeChase.com and our clip stores. I was in every scene that was shot (which tires me out after a while) … but I’ve always been a trooper and ready for whatever is thrown my way. When we finished filming, I ran out, grabbed a quick lunch and made my way to my manicure/pedicure appointment. I went to a new place that’s a little closer to home (the same place I got my eyebrows waxed at the day before). It was awesome. I had two people working on me at the same time to supposedly speed up the process since I was in a rush (as usual) but somehow, my hour and a half TOPS appointment was over 2 hours which left me seriously pressed for time. (and on a side note, I was baffled as to why a mani-pedi cost me over $100 – it’s not even THAT great of a job so WTF!?) Anyway, my girlie time left me rushing out the door to come home, wash my face & reapply my make-up, throw a bag together and run out the door again. I had two shoots in Tampa to get to and I was supposed to be there at 6 pm. I didn’t even get home from the salon until after 5 pm!

So … I showed up right on time (which I have this uncanny ability of doing) and I filmed two 2 girl handjob scenes with Zoe Rae with Shaggy Longwood. This was my first time meeting Shaggy (and of course I’ve shot Zoe for my own stuff). These were the first scenes I’ve been in with a guy for another company in a LONG time. It was just like old times though! Had a blast – LITERALLY – (all over my face & more!) The sites I shot for were http://www.clubtug.com and http://www.cumblastcity.com …. Not sure what the hold up was, but the guy showed up about 45 minutes later than expected and then we were seemingly waiting for ???? I don’t know what, but we got a LATE start. That threw off my ride – since we ran about 2 hours over what I said I would be … so I endured a very silent ride home! In all the commotion and running around and then shooting and being gone so long, it was after 10 pm when I got home and I hadn’t eaten a bite since 2 pm so I was starving (though I didn’t dare ask to swing by someplace to grab food on the way home)! So I found something to snack on, took a long hot bath, shaved & packed my bags for today.

Today, I had my FIRST hardcore boy/girl scene back with another production company. I shot for BangBros and my guy for the day was …. Shaggy! The same guy from the night before. That’s always cool when I already know the guy so it’s not quite as awkward. Hi, nice to meet you, get naked because we’re about to fuck…. ya know!? It’ll make it’s way up onto http://www.mygf.com – I’ll try to keep an eye on it and see when it goes up. Today was so much fun. I’d forgotten how exciting it is working with other producers and I’ve been missing it for all the right reasons! Needless to say, you’ll be seeing a LOT more of me – very shortly! I took the rest of the day to just chill and do nothing. Three shoots in a day is tough when followed up with an up by 7 am day to do it all over again, so I’ve just  been relaxing. Tomorrow is girls day out and then Sunday I’m leaving for Miami for a few days. I had planned on shooting with Score on Monday, but it got pushed back until Wednesday (which kinda screws things up for me a bit, but it is what it is) … so I’ll probably be coming home Thursday. Anyway, here are some pics from shooting with Michelle:

Michelle & I in bomber jackets - Forced Orgasm

Good times

I creamed her good!

Naked on the X-Frame

Forced Orgasms Rock!

Handjob time!

Nice ....


Getting Clean



Scrubbing ...

All clean!

I’ve got more pics … but I’m tired and making my way to bed for tonight! I’ll try to add some to twitter tomorrow!! Night!

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Getting it Girlie Style

I’ve been having so much fun shooting so much Girl/Girl that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to film some girl/girl with sexy busty blond milf Carissa Montgomery today! The last time I saw her, she was way more blond and had way less chest, but enjoyed her just as much last time as I did today. Here are some pics from today:

Big Boobed Blondes in Camo

Got to cop a feel !!

Peek -a- Boobs!!


My tongue got a workout today!


Carissa's Feet

All dressed up in puffy jackets

Time for lunch!

After all the sex, it was time for a cigarette!

Puff Puff

You can see this video now at: http://www.clips4sale.com/5974

Bound to the standing X-Frame

and again .... but I'm stripping her down!

Time to clean up!

scrub - a - dub

Getting super sudsy!

I’ll of course be posting more pics from some of the G/G that we did on twitter … so keep an eye on my page: http://www.twitter.com/charlee_chase     and you can find Carissa Montgomery on twitter at:  @CarissaBound      …. also, with all these scenes I’ve been filming and with all that I’m about to be filming, you should keep an eye on my Freeones page at: http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/

I’m still in the contest for MyPornProfile. It’s already into week 3. There are 16 of us left and Sunday night, only the top 8 will move on. You can vote once per day (per IP address) so if you have a moment, I’d appreciate your vote! http://bit.ly/eg79uj Every vote really does count. The prize isn’t anything super big, but it’s cool knowing that I have fans willing to help me out! In fact, I haven’t won anything yet so it would be awesome to win something – even something small – 🙂 Consider this practice for when the next Miss Freeones contest comes along – or AVN time!

Speaking of all the things going on, I’ll be heading down to South Florida this weekend (most likely Sunday). (So mani/pedi girls day out on Saturday!) I’ll be shooting with Score (my first Boy/Girl) scene back – or at least POSSIBLY my first B/G scene back. I say possibly, because another company here in Tampa wants me too, possibly before I leave for the weekend. So, I’ll keep you updated as I know. You can always check out my schedule on my website! I do my best to keep it up to date. I’m scheduled to shoot with another (new) company on the 29th I guess. I’m turning it down though. These people are complete jokes. They don’t reply to emails. They try to do contact through other people. They set up schedules and tell someone to tell me what to bring (keep in mind, I don’t use an agent!) and won’t tell him or me WHAT I’ll be doing in the scene …. so it’s not going to happen. I’m happy shooting with amateurs, but I at least expect professional correspondence. Sorry guys, get your shit together and then we’ll talk about it. Sad thing is, I was looking forward to shooting with Preslee G (young 20 something guy), but I won’t work for this company until they figure out what the hell they’re doing.
On another note, (how is it I ALWAYS have so much to say!?), I’ve been receiving a BUNCH of goodies from my Amazon Wishlist over the past couple days: (The camo outfit I am wearing with Carissa above – and the one she is wearing I had received earlier, the purple dress, a black dress, a silver top, a silver dress & something came in the mail today and I’ve not had a chance to even open it yet. I want to thank those of you who are sending me goodies! I love presents of course, but I also love sending you things in return! Some of these items, I do not know who sent them … so please let me know so I can send you something in return either via mail or email! To those who I know sent me things… I’ll get your goodies for you as soon as I can. I’ve been a BUSY BUSY girl!! But you know I’ll get it to you ASAP!

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The True Fan Experience ….

** Another Long One **

When Kaire canceled yesterday for our scheduled shoot, it threw off my plans for the entire week. I wanted to shoot with two people this week. I decided to contact the girl I was supposed to work with on Friday and see if she could move it up – granted very last minute notice and I’ve have completely understood if she couldn’t – but she said yes. She texted to say she was leaving but then didn’t arrive and her phone had died .. so I’d given up on her showing up and started taking some pics in a super sexy purple dress I received from my Amazon Wishlist (http://www.amazon.com/Charlee-Chase/wishlist/1BZAST4NXMV9T) when she showed up – almost two hours later! She was coming from only about 20 minutes away but got completely lost and couldn’t call b/c her phone had died. So, I utilized the time I had with her to shoot. Because we were on such a short time frame, I didn’t get any pics to share – sorry! – but I’ll be posting the vids on the clip stores and eventually the website. I’m super thankful that she showed and did a last minute thing for us. That really means a lot to me!

So … since we changed her schedule around, that still left me wanting to shoot one more time this week ….. so I thought I’d do something different. Something as kind of a “Thank you” to my fans. I posted on twitter looking for a local (or at least local enough to get himself here) guy for today. Requirement – MUST be TICKLISH – so we could shoot him for the tickling only store – and as a reward (on top of being paid), I’d finish him off with a handjob. Now before all of the, “What? You mean you didn’t fuck him or at least suck him off” responses come pouring in … I work legit. I’m not fucking some random dude who isn’t tested nor am I blowing anyone who’s not tested – (I DO work in the adult industry and safety ALWAYS comes first!) – and I put this together in about an hour. My clip store features loads of handjobs and that’s what I wanted to do … and I think it was a great success …. now that being said, I’ll continue on …. I posted on twitter and received hundreds of responses in less than an hour. Of course numerous ones were from other countries or other states … none of which is what I requested  …. so after massive email and twitter sorting, I came down to about 40 local responses from guys who are ACTUALLY ticklish. Of course, first I had several wanting the handjob and not wanting to get tickled or not ticklish or whatever, so those were passed by as well. (As a reference for the next time I do this … guys – PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS! I ASK VERY LITTLE!) Anyway… I requested that ticklish local guys send me an email with ONE headshot. Didn’t have to be professional … just something so I could get an idea as to their look. Several guys sent penis pics -which is cool, but again, not what I asked for! So, those went overlooked as well. A huge thank you to those of you who contacted me and didn’t waste my time and were genuinely interested and fit the criteria! Kudos to you! I’ll keep your info on file and definitely be contacting you in the near future! I chose the first guy who is local who fit the criteria I was looking for – who sent one headshot like I requested. Pretty simple huh!? I met him for the first time today and tortured him with three tickling scenes and then let him squeeze the bejesus out of my tits while I jerked him off – and wow – what an awesome mess he left for me! I know porn guys that don’t produce that much juice! I had so much fun today, that I’ll be making this a regular thing (yes, all of you who asked how YOU can be chosen, keep an eye on my twitter!)

Now on to the pics ….

New Purple Dress from my Wishlist

Love this dress!


Feeling Naughty!

phone pic - Me & Ben - the one I chose for the "Fan Shoot"

phone pic - Me & Ben - the one I chose for the "Fan Shoot" - AFTER

Upper Body Tickle

Private Tickle

Private Tickle .....

Stocked Foot Tickle

now in all the excitement of the handjob video … no pics were taken during filming …. however, here is a 4-square of some pics taken from the video:

Charlee Wanks a Fan

and here is a quickie preview pulled from the middle of it:

http://www.clips4sale.com/preview/preview.php?id=4261290 and the video is already up at: http://www.clips4sale.com/5974

I’m still getting responses from yesterdays tweets. I think I’ve started something here! I WILL be doing this again – so keep an eye on my twitter and my blog because you never know … you could be next!

I’ve got BIG THINGS happening … and shooting with fans is JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

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Making Every Step Count

My best friend works for a company that is holding a special “walk-a-thon” type thing for this month. By now if you’re reading my blog, I assume you know tomorrow is my kiddos 1st birthday (at least one of the 4 kiddos!) and I gained 75 lbs during my last pregnancy  and have worked like a dog to get back into shape over the past year (well – 10 months since I had to wait until my 8 week post appointment) … and my friend who has been overweight since I met her 14 years ago has also stepped herself into gear and done a hell of a job dropping weight. In fact, she’s lost the same amount as me now – in the same amount of time – (ok … now that you’ve got the jist of the situation I’ll continue with where I began) ….

So, she works at a regular job where they’re having a “walk-a-thon” type thing this month. All the employees are being given pedometers and being asked to write down how many steps they’ve taken each day. My friend – in being totally motivated to lose weight & get in shape thinks it’s a great idea ans has been deemed “store captain” … and she’s walking CRAZY amounts of steps each day – horray for our shopping day – they really do help! Apparently the peeps at her store are lazing through it – not even wearing them or anything – and the store with the highest number of steps wins something and the person from that store will win a trip to NYC and such. I’d LOVE for my friend to win this because I have SEEN how hard she’s been working. She’s allowed to get people involved that are NOT in the company so of course she asked me to wear one too. Last night, she brought me over my pedometer and I even waited to work out until I got it. Last night in about an hour, I took over 2000 steps and today (so far) I’ve taken 5,890 but I have a feeling that by the time I climb into bed tonight it’ll be through the roof and I’ve got until the end of the month. I’m hoping that with each step that I take, I can bring my best friend one step closer to an awesome opportunity – and of course a little extra toning on both of our parts! So, I’m doing my best to make every step count. I wish I’d have known 2 weeks ago that the ppl in her store wouldn’t do a damn thing. I could have been helping out all this time … and lord knows I’m one active little bunny! So, that being said, I’m hopping off here and stepping into my daily workout. Maybe I’ll try to get in two a day to really kick it up!! (So, you may see a pedometer strapped to my shoes or socks for the rest of the month in pics & vids and I apologize in advance to the shoe, boots & feet lovers out there – but I’m doing it for a cause and I hope you can forgive me!

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Complete Confliction

*** I had written out my blog and in going back through it- realized it was practically a book – so I deleted over half of it and this is what is left!***

The time is drawing nearer for my first Boy/Girl shoot – for another producer. A few years ago, I decided to do my own thing … shooting exclusively for my own productions – and it’s been great – and I wouldn’t do it differently if I had it to do over again – but something has been missing. I enjoy working with our models (though dealing with the booking process and hundreds of emails dealing with details, location, payment,content, etc is enough to make anyone wanna rip out their hair) … and things have been great, but I’ve missed shooting for other producers, traveling, meeting new people, and of course having sex with sexy studs! So I planned on “making a comeback” … only instead of doing my first shoot back, I got pregnant (after 2 years of trying)  and … put that dream back on hold. I gained 75 lbs with my pregnancy thanks to stress causing me to be “bed ridden” for almost 5 months … (Thanks Charley – you can eat that bullet since you were the cause of the stress) and it’s taken me every day of the past year (March 16th was the big day) to take it all back off. I’ve worked my ass off and I’ve lost all the weight – and I’m ready – again – to go back to shooting. I’ve shot with Vicky Vette, Deauxma and Mandy Blake (and of course for my own stuff) but I’m taking the next step of shooting with other guys again – at the end of the month. I’ll be shooting with Score (scoreland.com) for magazine, website & DVD! I figure since I’ll already be down there, I may as well do it up Charlee Chase style & book some more shoots too (well at least 1 more though I’d typically book myself solid – often times 2-3 shoots per day!) So right now I’m sitting back & waiting to hear from a producer. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow, I’ll make a call and book elsewhere. (Details as I have them!) My big plan was to take a trip out to LA and shoot out there … but with a baby (and other kiddos too – and a hubby sitting at home dealing with it all) , I had to push that back a month or two.

So on to the title of my blog. I’ve been wanting to go back to filming for a couple years now – for numerous reasons. It’s not been a secret. I’ve been beyond forthcoming about it – to my fans as well as to those in my personal life. That being said …. hubby was fine with what I did … when we met. He’s not so happy (and hasn’t been so happy) about me wanting to get back to it – (and I don’t blame him) but he’s amazingly supportive – despite his insecurities about it – and is willing to support me and my decisions about this – at least for now. (Time will tell how it will all play out in the end – but he’s the one who suggested I contact more ppl in Miami !?!?!) On to the confliction … I know he doesn’t WANT me to go out & fuck other people … but I’m starting to think the idea of it turns him on. I don’t know if it’s complete insecurity about the whole thing or if he’s actually secretly turned on by it, but all he wants to do is fuck – and I mean – nonstop – all day – every day – the pornstar way- and I’m definitely NOT complaining but I’ve got to admit I’m a little confused. Does he think I’m undersexed? I’m definitely NOT!! Who knows … but his entire turn around change in attitude & behavior  now has ME completely conflicted!

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Taylor & Orgasms

Yesterday I had the pleasure of filming with Taylor Raz for the first time. She’s a new fetish model who also does some adult and I’ve got to tell you … she is HOT! She looks even better in person than she does in photos and her photos are smoking! Here are some photos from yesterday:

Taylor pops some balloons


Licking her belly button

Tonguing ...

Got her all tied down

Forced Orgasms Rock!

Cock wanking in a North Face puffy jacket

Getting messy

All stretched for me

Time to get cleaned up

Super Soapy

and I’m guessing you may like me to share some girl on girl pics !??!?

From the back


Such perky tits!

Definitely more than a handful!

Pussy for breakfast!


Love an oral orgasm!

I was ready for some lunch by the time we’d finished up and I’ve been craving some pizza, so … that’s what I had! There’s this awesome place not too far from here that has genuine New York style pizza (they’re from NY and have all the ingredients shipped from there) … mmmm more delicious pie – gotta love it! I finished off my night watching Breaking Bad & having sex …. but not just any kind of sex … the I’ve been wet & horny all day and can’t get enough, sloppy multiple orgasmic kind of sex that ended with my entire body going numb for about an hour … oh yeah! Now THOSE are great orgasms!!

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Laid & Sprayed

I had every intention of taking a little time out of my day today to go outside and lounge by the pool. I’m pasty white (and hating it) and it’s too beautiful to not take advantage of the weather. I fell asleep out there yesterday for about 40 minutes or so and today I spent about an hour out there (I prefer to take it a little bit each day) ….

I had asked for a full body lotioning to protect my skin from burning. I didn’t get it – though I did have some great volunteers. Instead, I got laid & sprayed! Here are some pics from my lay out session this afternoon:

Getting some sun on my pasty white ass

Time to flip over and tan my titties

Oooohhhhh... What a nice surprise!

Not the kind of lotion I was thinking of

But just as messy and a lot more fun!

If you’ve got about 5 seconds a day, I’d love your vote for Mypornprofile’s March Madness contest!


You can vote once a day and your vote is appreciated!

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Today marked the beginning of what is to be several celebrations spanning March and April … and well pretty much for the rest of the year since my family is so big, we’ve got at least 1 birthday a month starting in March – and going straight through until the 30th of December – and of course all the other holidays thrown in there too .. makes it … a never ending celebration! Today I celebrated my anniversary. Got a cake, exchanged presents and enjoyed a nice evening out at Outback Steakhouse where I ate WAY too much food (Smothered cheese fries, ceasar salad, sirloin, green beans and scallops). I’m allergic to seafood (makes my throat itchy and swollen – but I enjoy eating a few bites on occasion. I just have to know when to say no more!) …

This afternoon, the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful so I stepped out by the pool, stripped down out of my sweatshirt & pants and laid on a blanket on the ground, face down, enjoying the sun on my back. It felt so nice that I fell asleep – whoops – but I was only out there for about 40 minutes so didn’t get burnt! I may just have to do this every day! After all, I’ve got a big shoot coming with Score at the end of the month!

I’ve recently created a profile on http://www.mypornprofile.com and I’m entered into a contest on there … I’d love a vote (you can vote once per day) if you’ve got a second to spare! Here is a short URL link to the rules & contest: http://bit.ly/eg79uj

Don’t forget to check out my twitter account for pics added daily! Maybe they’ll give some incentive to throw a vote my way! Night !!

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Girl/Girl with Alexis Grace

This morning I filmed with Alexis “Ashley” Grace. We definitely kept it fun (and naughty) today! We started out with a Girl/Girl, and it just got better from there! Here are a couple pics from today:

Me & Alexis

Time for a Kiss

Mmmmmm her tongue feels nice!

I want a lick too!

Pussy for breakfast!

Tickle Challenge (pic 1)

Tickle Challenge (pic 2)

I've got her all tied down!

Satin Jacket Bubblegum Handjob

So messy!

Introducing new "COMICS" into our scenes!

Super Busty Babe (me) meets The Chrome Vixen (Alexis)

We fight

and struggle

Supr Busty Babe's powers are too strong for The Chrome Vixen

at least for now ...

Alexis gets wet - again!

This doesn’t even touch on half of what we did, but it’s what I managed to get a few pics of! Hope you enjoy! I got word back from Score – and I’ll be heading down south to shoot with them on the 28th, so my hopeful trip to LA for AdultCon isn’t going to happen. It’s too much travel too close together with having kiddos – so I’ll make my way down to LA hopefully in April. Wow, what a birthday gift that would be huh!!

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