Filling My Schedule Up

I’ve been taking some time off from shooting here and there, taking care of all sorts of loose ends and now it’s back to business. You may recall, I recently had the pleasure of shooting with one of my all time favorite girls in the industry, Vicky Vette, and for the first time ever with Deauxma. I also just did a shoot with Mandy Blake for I had SOOOOOOO much fun shooting with all of them! It’s been my plan to get back into filming with other producers in my spare time (not that I have much of that, but hey … I’ll do what I can!) That being said, it looks like I’ll be doing a B/G scene with Preslee G for a soon to be launched website and I’ll be in Miami to shoot with Score at the end of March for a couple days! Then I’ll be making my way to LA La Land to shoot for some companies you’ve long been waiting to see another appearance on! More info as I solidify plans – so keep an eye on my schedule because it’s filling up quickly. I’ve already had to turn down several offers b/c I just don’t have time to do them all. I’m still filming for my own productions almost daily!

Here are a couple pics from the weekend with Vicky Vette & Deauxma:

Me & Deauxma

Me & Vicky Vette


(I liked this pic so much I made it my temporary main pic for twitter)

Vicky, Deauxma & Me

Hell yeah! This is one milfalicious boobfest!

Three girls are better than one

Outside in the woods .... camo style!


and ass

I asked Mandy Blake to send me a couple pics once she has a chance so I can share them too! I’ll post them if/when she sends them! In the meantime, here are a couple pics from today: This outfit (sans the stockings,shoes & gloves) came as a present from my wishlist:

Anyone who purchases anything for me from my wishlist will receive something from me in return!!! (Plus if it’s wearable – I’ll take loads of pics & vids in it too!)

Something a little different

From the back

Wanna peek?

here you go ...

and for now …. I’m off to lounge on the couch & catch up on some tv time!

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Three Girls are Better than One …

Today has been a long but very enjoyable day! I was up at 7 am so I could shower & shave & lotion up from head to toe & dry my hair & do make-up and then do my hair & eat breakfast before setting everything up to shoot with Lola Lynn & Dixie Comet. I adore both of these girls and we had a great time today – though we didn’t shoot any G/G scenes, we did plenty to keep us all busy! (Maybe we’ll have more time & get in some G/G next time!) Here are some pics from today:

I'm dressed & ready to go ...

From the back ...

From L-R - Dixie Comet, Me, Lola Lynn

Dixie Works on Some Balloons

..... and some cock!

Lola Gets her Feet Tickled in the Stocks

Dixie Gets More Cock ...

In fact .... we ALL get some cock!

Dirty Girls like to get clean too

after shooting, it was time to grab some food and then take care of the weekly household necessity shopping. Since that, I’ve honestly been doing absolutely nothing (except for making spaghetti for dinner) … and loving every minute of it. I sat down a while ago to watch “The Other Guys” and was so bored with it that I walked away – so I could write in here instead – way more exciting! So as it’s just past midnight, I think I’m about to crawl into bed and try to catch up on some sleep … I’m SO not a morning person!

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Picking up after the flakes …

I rarely bitch about our models, despite all the shit I’ve been put through by some of them … but sometimes, I just want to reach through a phone (or out in person) and bitch slap the shit out of some of them. Today is one of those days. I’ve got at a couple handfuls of girls who contact me ALL the time asking us to hire them. I understand and often do what I can to accommodate – but when they continuously flake out on me, canceling last minute after asking to work with me, or worse yet, no call, no showing, I have to hit a point where I say enough is enough. I’m about there. I woke up this morning in such a great mood, ate an everything bagel from Einsteins and got myself ready. In the process, a girl who I’ve been shooting since she was 18 – canceled for today – leaving me no time to book someone else. This wouldn’t usually piss me off so much if not for her asking me constantly for work and insisting she’ll be here, and then not showing up, but this particular girl has NEVER been on time – not once in the 4 years I’ve been hiring her – and every time it’s a different excuse and she always blames someone else and after all that, it’s drama, drama, drama every time. Honestly, I just don’t have time for this kind of shit. Ladies in the industry, get your shit together! If I can juggle all the crap on my plate on a daily basis and deal with your drama on top of it & do just fine, you can show up someplace when you say you’re going to – or simply – don’t book to begin with. Nuff said.

So, model complaint finished, I said screw her and shot today anyway! After all, I went through all the time to do my hair & make-up and I even curled my hair today:

Pic from my phone

so I did a couple photo sets (REAL pics coming soon) …

Pic from my phone

Pic from my phone

and then shot two videos! Here’s a couple pics from one of the videos:

Strapped to the cross 01

Strapped to the cross 02

so, I managed to salvage the morning anyway …. 🙂 I’ll be sharing a bunch of pics shortly, but for now, I’m off to eat some lunch and then enjoy the rest of my day!! Friday I’ll be shooting with Lola Lynn & Dixie Comet !!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

As time flies by, it brings us to Valentine’s Day – already!?!?!!! WOW! I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!!! I hope you have a fantastic day no matter your relationship status. This morning, I’m rocking one of my new Ferrari shirts (and some other Ferrari gear – like my shoes and jacket & purse) …

Phone pic 1

Phone pic 2

and I’ve spent much of my morning running around here & there. Had to drop my kitty (Remus) off to the vet for his comprehensive exam and then to Party City in Largo (since they closed the one that was close) to get some decorations for a party I’m having next month. Tonight, I’m going out to Carabba’s for dinner – one of my favorite restaurants. YUM! I see Sirloin Marsala in my very near future!

Yesterday I had my first “adult” shoot with another producer in a few years. I shot with Deauxma and Vicky Vette and for anyone who didn’t stop in to see the show live, I’ll have plenty of pics and the videos available soon and I’ll be putting them up on my clip store as well as my website once it launches shortly. This was my first time meeting Deauxma – a very busty brunette milf from Texas. She squirted all over my hand and face and then squirted all over the counter later, splashing all down my legs and feet – wow! I’ve known Vicky fot years but have only shot with her once before. I’ve got to say, I’m a huge Vicky fan. I think she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known – inside and out – and it’s a breath of fresh air shooting with women – not only so smart and beautiful, (and with such big boobs) … but with women with similar body types to me. I hate when I get paired with a chick who is like 5’2 100 lbs … makes me feel like a fat ass and whether anyone thinks I am or not, I look like it next to someone super skinny with no curves … so yesterday was just wonderful!!! I don’t have copies of the pics yet but will shortly .. until then … here are a couple pics taken with my phone …

Me & Vicky

Me & Deauxma

All three of us topless outside

All 3 of us getting naked outside

I’ve got a bunch more but haven’t had a chance to look through them  yet since they’re just candids … but I’ll upload more when I can! I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

I received some Valentine’s Day gifts in the mail today and I want to send out a special thank you to those who purchased them for me! I got a super sexy camo outfit from my Wishlist and a bra with matching panties, a body lotion and some chocolates – all of which I’ll be taking pics (and videos) in soon! I love them so thank you very much! You’ll be receiving goodies from me in return shortly! On a similar note, someone purchased me a purple outfit from Amazon – and it’s been a while now. No one claimed buying it for me, so I don’t know who bought it, but it never has arrived and I know it was purchased a while ago. If you’re reading this, please either get in touch with me – or with the seller on Amazon! I don’t want you to pay for something that never arrives!!!! A similar thing happened with a sexy football jersey last month – never did arrive and now the seller is no longer on Amazon – so I want you to know they didn’t arrive!!

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The Balls are Rolling …

2011 has kicked off and so far, it’s been a fantastic year and I see many more fantastic things happening as the year progresses. In fact, the balls are now rolling on several fronts. I’ve personally built (what you can see of) my website, and this year, my official site will launch a “Members Area” … which has been much requested since I started working on building it. I’ve officially gotten down to my “pre-pregnancy weight” after having gained 75 lbs with my 4th munchkin. Granted, I’m not perfect and I never will be. I’ve got flaws, but I’ve got amazing kiddos to show for it, so it’s worth it in the end! Now, I’m working on toning up more (I swear that’s a never ending pain in the ass of a job (literally), but it’s got to be done)! My lawsuit against the porn chick(s) using my name has begun and it’ll only be a matter of time before she finds herself sitting in (yet another) court room defending herself. I’ve been shooting almost daily for the official launch of my website and I’ve still been updating my Clip4sale store almost daily as well with fresh new videos. (and our other clip store too). On top of that, I’ve been creating lots of photo and video pages for Freeones – all free of course, so remember to check back often! (It seems some companies I’ve shot with in the past are adding to it as well – so you may find some OLD stuff popping up again now too!) … and if that’s not enough, I’m BACK to shooting with other producers again! In fact, this coming Saturday, I’ll be shooting again with Mandy Blake for : – and then on Sunday, I’ll be shooting with Deauxma for : and Vicky Vette for : – Big Boobed lovers – this is one event you’ll want to mark in your calendars! You’ll be hitting the trifecta with this event – with THREE busty milfs! (You’ll also be able to find this on my website once it launches!) So, for now, I’m off .. lots to do and so little time!

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It’s Time !!!

I’ve got to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a flat out – BAD DAY. Yesterday was one of those days for me, starting right around the time I woke up and went straight through the day and all throughout the night as well. Thankfully I woke up this morning to a whole new day – and a much better one at that! No need to dwell on the negative, so I’ll let yesterday slide on by – after all, bad days are expected every once in a while! So, I apologize for not really being online much and sending out photos and such like I always do.

Speaking of photos, I woke up early (too damn early, but it’s all good) and had a nice long morning full of photos and videos to do for Here are a couple pics from today:

Felt like wearing some mesh & fishnet today

I love the feel of them on my bare pussy!

Now THAT'S better!

I did another set for today too

Just for you 🙂

If you keep an eye on my twitter ( as well as my Freeones page: ( you’ll see plenty more pics (and videos too!)

Speaking of pics and videos, I’ve officially started booking for my “return” to shooting with other producers! (Not that I ever went anywhere, I’ve been busy filming just about every day – just for my own productions) …. Looks like I’ll soon be shooting with Vicky Vette and Deauxma and Mandy Blake as well. (Lots of girl on girl content – all with sexy big tit chicks – gotta love it!) I’m also booking now for B/G scenes, so those of you who have been asking when I’ll be shooting for such and such companies (usually Naughty America, Brazzers and Bang Bros),  keep your eyes on my schedule as I’m already setting my first B/G scene in my calendar shortly! Producers interested in working with me – it’s time!

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