Speed of Light …

I know it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written in my blog and for that I do apologize! I used to write EVERY day …. and somehow or another, I’ve not been able to find even a couple minutes in my days to get on here and write. Over the past couple months, I’ve been SUPER busy, not only with my “personal life” stuff – like being a mom (of 4 kiddos), a wife, cooking, cleaning, sports 5 x’s a week, etc, but also with my “work life” – building up the inside portion of my website, taking photos almost every day, filming, adding clips to the clip store almost daily, posting naughty (and sometimes not so naughty) pics up on twitter daily, and creating an absolute shitload of pages for you to enjoy on Freeones. http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/

I’ve been so busy in fact, that it already feels as if 2011 is moving at the speed of light! I can’t believe January is coming to an end. In fact, many things will soon be coming to an end, or at least changing quite a bit very shortly. Sooner than you know, I’ll be back on film – shooting with other producers! I’ve already started setting dates and making travel arrangements … so get ready to see me back in action – with other producers! (I’ve still been filming nearly daily for my own productions for years).

I want to throw out some serious love to all of the people who have bought me gifts from my Amazon Wishlist : http://www.amazon.com/Charlee-Chase/wishlist/1BZAST4NXMV9T – I’ve been sent some very sexy and very useful items and I love each and every one of them. You may notice I’m wearing all of the outfits, shoes, boots, lipstick, etc … in loads of my photo sets and videos. I’ll continue making photos and videos as often as I can – and having sexy new things to wear (and to take off) always makes it more exciting! So THANK YOU! I still don’t know who sent either (or both) of the newest black dresses (new sets on freeones show these off) … if you are reading this, I’d love to send you something in return so email me if you’re interested! Also, I noticed that someone bought me a really sexy jersey type outfit a while ago … the page no longer exists – and I never did receive it. I hope you’ve been contacted by the seller!?!? Because it’s not arrived and they are no longer selling it. I’d hate to see someone getting ripped off, so if you’re reading this, please know I never received it – so you may want to contact the seller and get a refund if you haven’t already!!!

Today,  I had the pleasure of shooting with the very beautiful sexy busty vixen – Alexandria Devine (again) … it was a great day and I can’t wait for her to come back so we can have more fun together! Fow now, I think I’ve rambled on enough for one sitting … I’m going to go have some “me time” by taking a hot bubble bath before bed! Before I go, I’ll leave you with a couple pics I’ve taken recently. Some you may have seen, some you may not have seen….

One of my new outfits

Taking it off

I'm ready! Are you?

I LOVE Freeones!!

Another new outfit - don't know who bought me this!

but I love it!!!!

The other "Mystery Outfit"

Fits me like a glove!

Another new outfit! - I sent out your video!!

and now ... goodnight 🙂

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Vaca in South FLA

We decided to take a little vacation down to South Florida for a few days. Left here Thursday early afternoon and got home today just before the football games started up. It’s been a while since our last vaca and even though it was a lot of driving (we almost always drive instead of flying especially when it’s anywhere in Florida) and we were here and there and pretty much all over the place, it was relaxing, much needed, and simply awesome! I put my I-phone to good use, tsking pics and posting on twitter and such (and I finally had some time to look through the apps and start downloading some of them) … Ate out just about every meal so I’m terrified of stepping on the scale tomorrow morning when I wake up since I was only 6 lbs away from where I’m trying to be (but this weekend may have set that back a little) … but all in all … good times! I posted a bunch of pics to twitter … so feel free to check them out: http://www.twitter.com/charlee_chase

While I was gone, another set went up on Freeones. http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/ and there should be more up throughout the week so remember to check back often! You never know what’ll show up there next! Speaking of showing up … I will be going back to filming again *with other producers* in the next 2 months … I’ll let you know when & where as I begin to book. But for now, I’m going to go take a long hot bath and wash the (riding in cars all day) feeling off of me!

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Busy with B’s

Today has been another fantastic day from start to finish! I woke up (tired, but ready for my day) and had a banana for breakfast. I started getting ready and by the time I finished, it was almost time for Brandi & Boyd to arrive … so I took the little bit of time I had before they got here to take a couple photo sets. One of the sets I took was in my new blue mini dress I received from my Amazon Wishlist ( http://www.amazon.com/Charlee-Chase/wishlist/1BZAST4NXMV9T ) I’ll be posting some pics of it shortly, but for now, I’m pretty tired & about to climb into bed, so I’m recapping quickly. After a great shoot with Brandi & Boyd, I was ready for some lunch so chowed a Checker burger and took care of some things around the house. For dinner, it was homemade sausage Calzones (which take almost 2 hours from start to finish because I make the dough myself first) …. just as dinner was getting ready, I was surprised by a knock on the door. My best friend came with her brother (who by the way is also my ex – never married) – and we spent most of the evening together. I just enjoyed a long hot bath (no bubbles tonight) and I’m about to climb into bed. Here are a couple pics from the bath:

Wet boobies!

Wet feet

Yep - it's me

If you don’t follw me on twitter, you may want to check out my Freeones page. There were two updates added today! One I’m getting fucked and another is all about the boobs:


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Just Do It

I may or may not have mentioned, that the babysitter is out of town (all month) – as she is every third month… meaning I don’t typically schedule shoots because, well, it’s tough doing it all myself, but on rare occasion, I choose to go ahead and book anyway … and today was one of those days. Crystal Frost came over (you can follow her on twitter @ cfrostfetish) and we took care of business amazingly enough in a timely manner, since it was just me & her (no other photographer or videographer) … so today, I was director, producer, model, photographer & videographer. Sometimes, you’ve got to Just Do It! As always, Crystal was awesome and she’s so much fun working with and being around. Here’s a short sample from her shampoo shower:


She was also a trooper … not only because we were running around like crazy chicks trying to accomplish what we set out to accomplish- by ourselves – but also because she got creamed – not only with cum, but also with shaving cream – and she wasn’t expecting it! WooHoo! So, thanks again to Crystal for making today run as smoothly as it did!

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Today was probably one of the best days I’ve had in quite a while! I slept in, enjoyed a nice breakfast once I got up, spent quality time with loved ones and made some cookies and then got ready for my afternoon. It was “girls day out” – where we usually go shopping all over town. Today, we went and got massages (same time same place) and it was absolute heaven! I got to choose between a woman and a man and I always prefer men to give my massages. They have larger hands and apply perfect pressure all over my body and I absolutely melt on the table! (and these tables were heated too which was a double bonus) and another added bonus … I even got my butt massaged! (LOVE IT!) … after our massages, we enjoyed a delicious lunch followed up with shopping. While I was out, I came across this and fell in love with it (hey Valentine’s Day is around the corner!!) and had to buy it. My friend came in the dressing room with me and took some pics:

From the Front

From the Back

Kinda funny .. I left the house in a red bra & panties .. it was almost like I knew I’d buy something red to match! For dinner, called in come Chinese food (yum)


and I think I may just burst from eating like such a pig, but sometimes it’s ok to pig out and enjoy life without worrying about any consequences! Tomorrow … I’ll be in diet & exercise mode! Spent the rest of my night vegging out in front of the tv and relaxing while getting my feet rubbed & squeezed. I’m about to go get naked and shower off all the oils on my body and finish my perfect day off with some sex!

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Just Because …

I’ve really been enjoying posting pics on my twitter account (I’ve been adding AT LEAST 1 a day for a while now and often add even more) … that being said … I’ve also been adding TONS of content to my Freeones babe page! Today’s update is:”Big Tits Charlee Chase in Lingerie & Stockings” You can check it out at: http://www.freeones.com – Search Charlee Chase (make sure you spell it right!) and then click on the top result! That’s me! There will be MANY more updates going up – as I’ve been submitting 1 a day (that’s the most I’m allowed to submit or I’d submit more!)

On another note about the same thing ….. I recently had a request to post a pic in a wife beater by @tim_sandor on twitter … so I added one there the other day. I’ve had a bunch of requests to post more … so thankfully I took a couple pics that day! Here are the pics – just because you asked for them!

Wifebeater 1

Wifebeater 2

Wifebeater 3

Wifebeater 4

I hop you enjoy! MUAH!

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I’ve got to admit, I’m bummed about not going to AVN this year. I did consider it, I had a billion offers to go, but chose to stay here because I’ve got lots going on – and I’ve been quite productive taking care of business, but I do love AVN! I’ll be going next year! Speaking of AVN, of course people (even industry people) are completely confused thinking it’s ME at AVN and not that other chick who stole my name. It’s completely fucked up that anyone would confuse us because frankly, (insert your own idea of what I really want to say, but can’t because I’m suing her and have to keep my potty mouthed thoughts to myself), but it still happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ugh!Until she stops using my name, it will always be an issue and that’s precisely why my #1 goal in 2011 is to axe her ass out! In the words of Lightning McQueen – Kachow!

In the meantime, there have been new updates to my Freeones.com page almost daily … so if you’re interested, take a minute to go check them all out!


There are plenty more waiting to go up too … so remember to check back often!!! I was getting bored on twitter with Friday being all about #FF (FollowFriday) … so I thought I’d do something a little more innovative and make a #FuckMeFriday. The results … About 40 people unfollowed me in about 5 minutes …. wow, really!? Maybe I should have made it a #FuckYouFriday to all those prudes!!! For those that stuck around (and for those that decided to follow) … I posted some fun pics! I hope you enjoyed them! For now … I’m relaxing for the rest of the night!

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Keeping it all going ..

So far, 2011 is awesome! Granted, it’s only 5 days in, but I’m having a blast so far this year and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be another fantastic year all the way through! This weekend is the AVN/AEE in Vegas, and despite being offered 20+ shoots and to be date to several people, I regretfully declined on going this year. I’m super busy here and going away for 4 or so days just wasn’t in my cards for right now, but no worries … I’ve been working hard on shooting some great new stuff and I plan on launching the Members Area of my website sometime this year! I’m here to stay! Speaking of some new stuff … if you don’t follow me on twitter (*which you should because it’s free and I post a BUNCH of pics*), you should DEFINITELY check out my page on Freeones.com    There are LOTS of new goodies to check out. Some with just pics, others with pics & videos … so take a moment & check it out! Also, if there’s something specific you’d like to see on there, drop me a line & let me know. Maybe I can turn your fantasy into reality. (Now this doesn’t open the door for a billion people to say …”do a scene with me”) … that being said … check it out & let me know what you think! Just go to http://www.freeones.com Then Search CHARLEE CHASE and click on the top one!

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