2010 Comes to an End

The year 2010 is coming to an end quickly. This has been an amazing year, filled with so many wonderful things I’d probably have to write for days just to recap all the great things that have happened, but since I’m minutes away from walking out the door to enjoy the festivities that New Years Eve has to offer, I’ll make this quick.

This year, I gave birth to my 4th kiddo. She’s absolutely amazing and well beyond her peers in just about every aspect. Since I do what I do, I keep my kiddos and my family for the most part out of my writings. I’m sure you must understand my reasonings behind this. In fact, almost no one even knew I was pregnant – which flabberghasts me considering I gained 75 lbs with her. (Yes, you DID read that correctly. 75 pounds). I’ve worked my ass off all year and I’ve officially lost all 75 lbs and it’s been no easy feat.

I got everything started for my upcoming lawsuit against a certain chick in the industry. Soon, she’s not going to know what hit her! I’ve spent my year working hard on bringing all kinds of new content not only to my Charlee’s Adventure’s store and to Tickle Torture’s store, but also creating loads of content for my website: http://www.clubcharleechase.com which I plan to launch in 2011.

You can see some of what I’ve been up to at: http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/

This year has been fantastic and I’ve not been able to write lately because I’ve had a house full of family for the holidays, but the holidays were great and all has been well, so as I sign off for 2010, I wish you an excellent 2011 and I look forward to seeing what 2011 has to offer us all!

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Should I Stay or Should I Go!?

It’s been a few days since I’ve written in here, but it’s because I’ve been super duper busy! Tuesday, I filmed with Zoe Rae & David and today I filmed with Kelsie Cummings. Plans got rearranged last minute all week and I was flying solo with it – no photographer / videographer – just me and the models – so all the scenes I’m in too – I was doing photos and video for myself – (and it’s about as difficult as it sounds!) That being said, I’ve still been having a great week! Here are some pics with Zoe & David:

David in the Stocks

Zoe doesn't know it yet, but she's about to get her hair FUCKED!

Zoe's decked out in a puffy jacket and puffy pants!

and David loves it!

Time for a smoke break!

Zoe stretched

so … I’ve recently received some more awesome gifts from my Amazon Wishlist and in return, I’ve been taking care of getting all kinds of goodies together to send in return as a “Thank You”. I’ll share a little bit more about that in a moment. In the meantime, I’d like to send a special shout out to Phil! Let me know if you got my email! Anyone who buys me something from my wishlist will receive something in return from me as well 😀 Here are some photos of me wearing some of my new gifts:

Top, Stockings & Shoes are all gifts!

Peek-a-booty 🙂

Pulling my panties to the side 🙂

What a precarious position!

Another awesome new outfit that was a gift!

No panties this time!

Open wide!

I also receied this orgasmic toy!

so …. life has been good! Last night, I went to bed sometime around 1 am knowing that I had to get up this morning for a long day of shooting and such. Around 2:30 am, I heard a loud crashing sound followed by some breaking sounds. One of my vases in the kitchen came crashing down and broke into about a million pieces. About 30 minutes of cleaning later, I was back into bed again. Ahhhh. about 30 minutes later, another crashing sound and more breakage. What the fuck!? This time, a home decoration that’s been above one of the French doors since I moved in here over 2 years ago came crashing down and broke into a million pieces. I’m assuming one of the cats knocked down the vase because I heard the pitter patter of kitty feet in trouble along with the sound of the vase breaking. The tile decoration, however, cannot be reached by the kitties – or even a person, so who knows what happened there!? Maybe I’ve got a pissed off poltergeist lol! Anyway, back to sleep again only to wake up at 8 am and start my day.  First order of the day, I had sex with a candy cane! It was awesome! It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be and I didn’t wuss out and keep the wrapper on … I opened it up, sucked it & fucked it – and it was awesome! The peppermint was cooling and tingly which added an extra – yumminess to the entire experience 🙂 I had a lot of fun filming with Kelsie today! We shot a bunch of stuff including some kissing scenes, a handjob scene (with Elijah before he left) and some girl on girl. WooHoo!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a non-filming streak – for a little while – at least for my own productions as school is out, family is coming into town and then my sitter is out of town all of January. I’ve been asked by SO MANY people if I’ll be attending AVN this year. I’ve had a bunch of producers asking to shoot me out there, and my answer – I still just don’t know. Even though I’m not really shooting for about a month for my own stuff (at least bringing people in to shoot that is), I’ve still got a LOT on my plate, so we’ll see! I’d like to go, but at this time, I’m still not sure if I can make it out there 🙂 What do you think? Should I go?

Oh yeah, before I forget … Check me out on Freeones.com (Just search for Charlee Chase) … (and make sure you click on the right one – since there are so many wanna-be-me’s out there!) I’ve added a bunch of new stuff that you may enjoy! Some big tit play with another busty girl, some outdoor fucking, some girl on girl and more!The direct link is:  http://www.freeones.com/html/c_links/Charlee_Chase/ but I think it helps out my ranking more if you use the search instead 🙂 Let’s bring my ranking up so I can keep sharing all kinds of pics & vids!!!

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Fabulous Friday

I’ve got to admit, that life is really good! I semi-overslept my morning responsibilities, but woke up just in time to do what was needed to be done. Then it was tome to get ready for work! Today, we were joined by Codi Lane (the girl we shot with on Wednesday) and Tasha Knox. Here are some pictures from today:

Feeling a Little Pink!

How About a Spread

Nipple to Nipple

This is how busty girls play!

Yay for tits!


Licking Nipples



You're not bored of the boobs yet are you?

They feel so good!

Chick with tits have curves!

Codi Lee face down on the cross

Three girls in puffy jackets ...


Ball Play

What a lucky guy!

Hubby looks forward to work!

Cum on ALL of our jackets - impressive!

I've got Tasha all to myself!

She's got her head between her legs~!

Boob Smother~!

Codi & Tasha in Moncler jackets

Oh yeah, this is going to be good!

Time for lunch!

Going at it

Tasha's Going to Shower

Do you want to join her?

So after we finished filming, it was time for some food! I made some chicken salad then took care of the weekly household necessity shopping. Dropped our car off to have a tire checked out and had to replace the tire thanks to a nail in a non-removable place, and I’ve been enjoying my night at home since. Took care of lots of photo and video work and cooked an awesome dinner. I even took a pic:

Jamaican Jerk Chops with Pineapple & Scallions with Sauteed Squash & Zucchini

Delicious! I’ve been craving Outback lately. I guess I’m in the mood for some kick ass cheese fries and a Queensland Chicken Salad. They have great steak & chicken and all kinds of good meals, but I always order that. I guess I just like what I like! On another note, I received two more presents from my Amazon Wishlist today! A special thank you to those who have purchased me something! I hope you’ve enjoyed your gift in return – and I’ll be sending out the newest packages Monday! Hope everyone is having a great night!

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Name Changes …

Let me start by saying that I love days like today! I woke up this morning horny as hell … so got fucked. I got all dressed up and ready to film with a brand new girl today: Codi Lee. She had originally chosen the name Codi Lane, but after we did a little research, apparently there is already a girl in the industry named Cody Lane, so she did the right thing and changed her name to Codi Lee. (Others really should follow in her footsteps instead of forcing people to sue them because they are too dumb to know right from wrong! Not all lawyers give good advice lol!) Anyway, Here are some pics from today:

All dressed up & ready to go:

How about one more for good luck!?

before I go any further … I want to send out a special “Thank You” as I’m wearing a brand new pair of shoes that were purchased for me from my Amazon Wishlist! http://www.amazon.com/Charlee-Chase/wishlist/1BZAST4NXMV9T

Codi Lee on the stand

Time for some belly fun!

I love my tongue! and Codi liked it too!

Mmmm I got some too!


Sexy Codi in a puffy jacket ... gives a handjob!

How about a Forced Orgasm!

one more ...

Washing Codi's Hair

She's been slimed with shampoo!

Getting sudsy!

We filmed plenty more that I didn’t manage to get pictures of …. but I’ve got lots of video – coming soon! While we were filming, we had the all kinds of people showing up .. one of which being the mailman … bringing a package to the door … of course I opened it as soon as I could and … I got another present from my Amazon Wishlist!!!

Tested it out!

Oh yeah ... good stuff!

I was ready for lunch … so went to Publix and picked up a fried chicken tender sub on wheat … YUM! I’ve been craving a chocolate banana smoothie too – so had one of those when I got home. Still craving more sex today … I guess it’s one of those days! My panties kept getting so wet I gave up on them and took them off for the day! Time to eat again … so I’m getting off 🙂

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Keeping Quiet

I know I’ve been keeping kinda quiet over here in my little world (except for tweets all the time when I get a chance) .. but it’s all for a good reason! I’ve been extremely busy getting ready not only for the holidays and for family coming to stay for a bit (also for the holidays) and for not being able to film (here) for the end of December – end of January, but I’ve been busily working on shooting loads of content not only for the clip stores but for ClubCharleeChase.com as well!

Today, I filmed a custom scene … and here are some pictures from it:

I'm not ALWAYS a Lady!

Sitting at my desk

Come & get a taste!

I'm ready for some cock now!

Ooohhhh a warm gooey cumshot on my tits!

I also took a BUNCH of photos and did two photo sets… I’ve not even had a chance to look through them all yet, but here are a couple:

This is one of the items from my Amazon Wishlist (Thanks again!)

I'm on the Naughty List!

Want to come down MY chimney!?

I’ll post more pics as soon as I can!!! For now … time to get off the computer and …. well … get off! 1 sex scene & 1 handjob/blowjob and a bunch of photos later … I still want to fuck – off camera! Night!

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Since SexyPeek’s Not Working …

I’ve been trying to add a picture to Sexypeek for all of my fiathful followers … all day … but it’s not working … and I don’t want to risk losing any of my other accounts … so I’ll post your pic here 🙂

For My Faithful Followers 🙂

Sorry for the shadow … I was self-taking the photo!

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