Casting Call *Men Only*

This is a casting call for MEN located in, near or willing to travel to the TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA area.

Must be between the ages of 18-45
Must be willing to show ID to prove age
Must be willing to sign a model release
Must be available on a Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 11AM and 1PM (for an hour or less)

I prefer someone who has been on film before, but this is NOT a requirement. Please don’t waste my time if you cannot perform with lights, camera, etc.

I will be tickling you in TWO scenes to start. This is why you MUST be ticklish to apply.
Final scene will be a handjob to completion … (Me giving to you) …
(If it’s going to take you an hour, please don’t apply. No one wants to watch an hour long handjob scene!)

If you can prove yourself on camera … I’ll most likely have you back for future scenes.

I’m not currently paying males for handjob scenes. If you feel a handjob from me isn’t worth your time, I’d be willing to compensate up to $50 for the tickling scenes. First choices will be those willing to work for free or for copies of the scenes.

Send an email to
Include ONE photo … can be full body, etc but I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE >>> NOT JUST YOUR COCK! Send just a cock pic and I won’t bother responding. This shows you can’t follow directions which is something VITAL for me.
Tell me about any experience you have (if any)
What day of the week is best for you between Tuesdays and Fridays and what time between 11am – 1 pm . Scenes should take less than an hour to complete.

Hit send and wait for my reply!

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February Schedule

February feels as though it’s only just begun, yet it’s already proving to be a VERY busy month! We started it off with the SuperBowl (which we host) … which meant a full day of cleaning and cooking for me. On the menu this year, 2 types of chips, 2 types of dips, pasta salad, deviled eggs, lasagna bites (which were a HUGE hit), boneless skinless garlic parmesan chicken bites, boneless skinless BBQ chicken bites, brown sugar bacon wrapped little smokies, mmmmm food .. it was nice to semi-indulge for a day considering today marks the 19th day that I’ve been working out every single day and living off of sunflower seeds, raisins, protein bars, bananas, and whatever I make for dinner. (It’s exhausting eating less calories all day than an average person / scratch that – American… eats for 1 meal!)

The following day, Groundhog Day. Only in the USA will we put the fate of our weather in the hands of a rodent. I’ll never understand some traditions, but according to Punxsutawney Phil (for those unaware – that is the NAME of said Groundhog) … we will have 6 more weeks of Winter. Okay. It’s also kinda my mom’s Anniversary. Well, it technically IS her anniversary, only they’re splitsville, not divorced, not legally separated, but also not together. Yes, shit is complicated. And … they both live here with us… (In separate rooms) … which is even more complicated!

This week, I was slated to either be filming or doing customs every single day. I had to take yesterday off. Sometimes I just need a “ME MOMENT” … and yesterday had hit that point. So, back to my regularly scheduled life today. Now also thrown on top of my crazy busy hectic schedule as usual … we’re now doing a trip to South Florida to visit family this weekend. Leaving Friday (after working out in the afternoon because I don’t want to sit in the car for almost 5 hours before working out!) and coming home sometime probably close to Monday night. That means I’ll be missing my camshow Monday, which means I’ll not be doing the Valentine’s Day photo / video update I’d planned on doing that day which means I’ll need to somehow rearrange my schedule for the week to be able to fit that in .. and considering my photo update day is Tuesday … my guess is I’ll have to do the photos as early in the day as I can, spend the day sitting at the computer editing them and then put them up as soon as I’m finished lol. Ahhh …. I’m tired just typing it all out lol! The following day I’m filming for Pievids .. and have to travel a couple hours each way to film.

Then Saturday is Valentine’s Day. The most dreaded day of the year for single’s … the most overrated day of the year for couples. Another reason to spend money on ??? chocolate? wine? flowers? food? I eat chocolate every day as it is. (I eat three Tasty Kake bite sized donuts for dessert every day.) I’m not much of a wine drinker. Flowers are nice, but they die, so also not a necessity, and well, we all need food. Usually we’ll swap some “romantic gifts” – like said chocolate and wine etc then go to dinner. Hey, I’ll never turn down a chance to take the night off from cooking! But, this year I have different plans. On Christmas day, a friend called and invited me to a concert. The catch … he’s playing locally Valentine’s Day. So, I asked if I could go and we’d just celebrate V-day on another day and that was fine. So, I’ll be attending a concert with a friend (who in full disclosure – is an ex.) I have a tendency to remain good friends with exes … (as you’ll someday be able to read all about in my book when I find time to sit down and finish it.) Hubby is friends with said ex. Another ex is friends with said ex. It’s all good. I go throw darts with him often and we have many similar interests, so though we’re no longer together in that fashion, we can still enjoy one anothers company – and NO … that doesn’t mean we’re fucking as always seemingly suggested on Twitter when I simply mention being near a guy. We can just hang and it’s nice.

This month is also AdultCon. Which means if I can manage to book shoots out in LA for the 27th or 28th or March 1st … or preferably two or all three of those days, I’ll be heading to LA. As of now, I’m flying to Vegas the 24th to shoot two scenes for Brazzers the 25th and 26th. As of now, I only have a 1 way ticket. Waiting to see what will happen next. If nothing further gets booked by next week, I’ll purchase my return flight home from Vegas, otherwise, I’ll be heading to LA for however many days I’m booked for and I’ll be attending AdultCon when I’m not filming. So, with filming happening on many of the days in between all of this, this is my month in a nutshell!!

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Broken Endings …

Today will end my FREE video offer for votes. I thought it would be a great idea not only to give something back – like the daily photos I was sending out for 21 days this month, but to go even a step further – and give out FREE videos for every daily vote for the final round. After all, I’m active on twitter – and I can see this … you’re lucky if you’re even getting a “thanks” back from the majority of the girls you’re voting for – let alone pics and videos! This is not an easy thing to do. Not only does it require the hour to do my hair and makeup and the time to set up lights and the tripod and the camera, time to actually film it, then pull it from the camera, edit it, render it and save it etc, BUT it also takes time to actually send the videos. Time that I’m just not willing to give after today.

This requires being on twitter – pretty much non-stop on my computer so I can see who has voted, who has followed directions and sent their email address so I can actually send the video, or time to say hey, you need to send a screenshot (that’s not from 4 days ago) or you need to send an email address, or whatever the case may be. Then comes sending the videos. I was happy to send them out yesterday. In total, I sent out 117 videos (which frankly, isn’t worth the extra effort over photos considering it’s only 14 more than I’d been averaging a day by simply DMing a photo – which takes a whole 3 seconds) but whatever. BUT …. for those 117 videos that I sent out yesterday, each one took an average of 3 minutes to send (after fetching said email address) and often took closer to 4 minutes, but for ease of writing this let’s just go with 3 minutes. So 3 minutes each … 117 videos … that means I sat here “waiting” for videos to be sent for 351 minutes yesterday. Doesn’t sound like a terrible amount of time … but that 351 minutes totals 5.85 hours! That is a LOT of time spent – ignoring my family – so I can give something a little extra special – as a thank you for a vote which takes less than 3 seconds to do.

That being said … I know MANY of you, actually more precisely, MOST of you are thankful for the video(s) I’ve sent. I appreciate that. You may not have realized how much of a toll this was taking on me and your simple thank you after receiving it was enough to make it all worthwhile. Then comes today. I’m going through my DM’s and it’s one after another … complaints. I didn’t see your tits in the video – so I’m really disappointed – (UM … Had this particular person bothered to vote yesterday and receive yesterday’s video – he’d have had enough of my tits to last a good month!) Apparently my PUSSY isn’t good enough now? Hey, can you make the video longer? (UM … NO! Be thankful you’re getting a video at all when most girls don’t even bother saying thank you!) Literally … complaints, complaints, complaints. I’m the kind of person who can take a LOT before I snap … and I’ve reached that point.

Thanks to all the completely ungrateful people out there who can’t appreciate a FREE video … that was filmed EXCLUSIVELY for thank you videos that will not be shown ANYWHERE ELSE … I’m ending it here … today. No more free videos for this contest. I apologize to those who truly enjoy them. I’m just having a hard time justifying it after all the comments I’ve read today – most of which I didn’t bother to share here.

My youngest is sick … HOME FROM DAYCARE sick … which means I had to send her off so I could film today’s video – that is receiving criticism. It’s now after 5PM … and I’ve spent ZERO time with her today because I’ve been spending the entire day SENDING said videos … and right now I pretty much hate myself for it. I had an obligation to you to send them – because I said I would. I also have an obligation to my child … to be able to get off the computer and play with her or read to her or whatever it is she wants me to do with her but if I do … I’ll never have enough time to even get them all sent today. So who is paying the price? It’s not the person complaining about the FREE video, I can tell you that!

Sorry to sound like a bitch, but I’ve reached a point today where I can not and I will not tolerate anyone being ungrateful to me – when I’m giving up so much of myself – and taking so much of myself away from what matters most to me – my family – just for this contest – that in the end, I probably have NO CHANCE of winning. So for the remainder of the contest, vote for me, don’t vote for me, I’m tired of stressing over it. $2,000 isn’t worth the sleep I’ve lost in the past week. It’s not worth the time I’ve spent away from my family. It’s not worth criticism from behind a computer. It’s just not worth it, period. I could have spent 5.85 hours yesterday and whatever ridiculous amount of time I’ve already spent today on this filming new scenes – which over time would have garnered the same – if not more … my mind is broken. My spirit is broken and for my daughter my heart is broken … so I’m signing off to go cook dinner … and spend time with my family.

If you want me to win, you should vote for me. If you don’t, then don’t. I shouldn’t have to bribe anyone with anything to win a contest. You’re either a fan who supports me or not.

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Want a FREE Video DAILY ???

You read the title correctly. For those seemingly unaware, I’ve been in the Miss Freeones 2014 contest ALL month. Round 1 came and went with me landing in 4th place (despite sending out a naughty photo via Twitter DM for simply sending a screenshot of your vote – A DIFFERENT PICTURE EVERY SINGLE DAY). Round 2 will be coming to an end at 2AM (EST) (That’s 5 1/2 hours from now). It doesn’t appear as though I’ll move up from 2nd place where I’ve been stuck for DAYS now to win the 2nd round, (Also despite sending a naughty photo via Twitter DM for a screencap of your vote) …. which only leaves the third and FINAL round … which begins Monday, September 22, 2AM (EST) (That’s tonight/tomorrow morning for those not looking at a calendar!)

Since sending out LITERALLY thousands of photos in the past 21 days has not been enough to win, I’m changing things up for the final round. I will NOT be sending out a photo for a vote … instead, I’ll be sending a SHORT VIDEO – A DIFFERENT ONE DAILY – FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT YOU VOTE FOR ME. What this means is, IF YOU VOTE ONCE PER DAY FOR THE FINAL 9 DAYS, YOU WILL BE SENT 9 SHORT VIDEOS! A different video every day.

Follow only a few simple steps and you will be sent a video – every day until the end of the month!


***Please take a minute to MAKE A FREEONES ACCOUNT. (This is very important because your vote will count 4x more if you’re a registered user. If you are asked to enter a captcha code, that means you’re NOT LOGGED IN and your vote will only count as 0.25 of one vote. *** THIS IS FREE TO DO!!!


***If you are voting from your phone … You may have to scroll to the BOTTOM of the voting page first and click OFF MOBILE SITE! ***

3. SCREENCAP your vote

***This proves to me that you actually voted for me. No offense, but ANYONE can SAY they voted to get a free video. I need to see the proof that you voted for me. No screencap, no video! AND … this doesn’t mean send a photo of a check mark. This means… I want to see my name/picture/ranking and that you have voted that day! ***


This is how I will send you the video! You will receive an email from with your downloadable video link for the day. I’ll be filming something different for every day … so you’ll receive something different for ANY/EVERY day that you vote for me!


*** This is good from September 23rd -September 30th when the contest ends! ***

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1 day 11 hours

I’ve been on “break” for 2 weeks. Back to my typical daily grind again starting on Monday. I took this two weeks so sit back and do NOTHING. No beach. (Not that weather has been cooperative anyway lol) No going out. No filming. NOTHING. Just lounging around my house cleaning and organizing and … relaxing. Something I get VERY little time to do. This two week break also happened to land right during the Miss Freeones 2014 contest. Cool. I can offer something NO ONE ELSE is offering … show me a pic that you voted, I’ll DM you a naughty selfie pic I’ve taken that day. Seems simple enough and seems a relatively easy way to move up to the top considering …
B. Over half the girls in the contest don’t even seem to be aware they are IN the contest. NO tweets. NO promotion. Nothing on the Freeones boards. Their names just happen to be there on the list … moving up or down or staying the same, they are there.

I actually had to fight to get INTO the contest. Despite being an OCSM for years AND being an “actual by the way” MILF … I was not entered into ANY category. None. Nothing. Nada …. Ahhh … the typical … I’ve been overlooked yet again routine.

But I was finally added to the list – albeit a day late, but hey, I’m good at comebacks especially when it comes to fans voting. If nothing else, I have VERY loyal fans and I’m thankful and grateful to each and every one of them. Without them, I would not be here.

Round 1. I could try for Miss Freeones which offers a $1,000 prize for winning the 1st round, a $1,000 prize for winning the 2nd round and a $10,000 prize for winning the 3rd and final round. $10,000 would be REALLY NICE (or $12,000 if I were to win each round) since I’m finally going to qualify to BUY MY FIRST home next year after taxes … but REALLY need to have more money “down”, That would make for a much easier house buying experience. BUT, I’m a realist. I have NO shot at winning that title. So, I’m going to try for the only other category I’ve been entered into … BEST MILF. First round winner gets $500. Second round winner gets $500 and the 3rd and final round winner receives $2,000. OK … so there’s a total of $3,000 up for grabs there. I’ll stick to this category, because hey, at the end of the day, every little bit of extra money I can have toward my down payment, the better – and since I don’t live in LA or really even frequent it, I’m not super high on the “babe ranking” on Freeones and when I have extra money, it goes to hiring people for my own productions. Of course, I’m going up against HUGE names. Even several girls in my own network – all of whom are technically considerably higher in their “ranking” on the site – because they’re filming for big companies all the time that are putting their links up often – keeping them on the front page.

End of round 1, I came in 4th place. A valiant effort I’d say given I missed out an an entire day of voting. Still very few people are even promoting this contest. It’s rather mind boggling to me. I want this. I need this. I’m promoting the shit out of it. Others, not a word. To each his own lol! Round 2 begins and same deal … vote for me … send me a photo proving you voted, I DM you a naughty pic … I’ve literally spent every single day of this entire month (and my entire “break”) on twitter sending people photos for taking a (literal) second to vote for me. I’m working REALLY hard to win $500 LMAO. There is now 1 day and 11 hours left (as of the time I began writing this) … and I’ve remained in 2nd place – never touching first place even for a second – which is fine, but I’m not going to lie, frustrating.

My sleeping patterns have changed over the last week. Awake at 5:45. Unable to go back to sleep until almost 7. Littlest kiddo wakes up at 7 … so I’ll be up from 5:45 until midnight every day now. I’m utterly exhausted. Is it cabin fever from basically being stuck inside? Is it this contest driving me nuts? Do I just need to get fucked? What’s the issue? Who knows. All I know is, things need to get back to normal – and NOW! I can’t be filming all day every day exhausted from not being able to sleep. Last night, I laid down at midnight. I closed my eyes. I tossed. I turned. I flipped, I flopped, I wrestled with trying to fall asleep until almost 3:30 AM. OBNOXIOUS! I LOVE SLEEP. I NEED SLEEP! WHY CAN’T I SLEEP!? So, I drift off to sleep around 3:30AM, only to find myself waking up every hour until it was time to get up at 7AM.

I know what will make me feel better. I’m going to lighten my hair a little bit. So many people confuse it for being black because for some reason, the reddish brown color I dye it, insists on showing up considerably darker on me. So, a trip to Sallys and almost 5 hours later, I’ve BLEACHED my hair, stripping the color out of it, added some reddish color (because I look good with red in my hair) and proceed to color it LIGHT brown, adding even lighter highlights…. now completely stripped unhappy hair, 5 hours and 4 treatments later, my hair looks EXACTLY THE SAME as it did before I started the whole process. I swear, I could cry! I get it. Today is NOT my day. Message received, now back off and let me try to enjoy the rest of the day LOL!

SO … with 1 day and now probably less than 11 hours to go in round two now, I’m not expecting to step up into 1st place. If it happens, I’ll be thrilled, but it is what it is. Best of luck to all the girls in the contest. We all have our own reasons for wanting to win (at least the ones who are even aware they’re IN the contest!)

I will be changing things up for the 3rd and final round. Instead of sending a pic via DM … I’m going to do something completely different…. More to come. Stay tuned… I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow~

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The Way It Goes

I’ve been filming like crazy – pretty much all year long – as usual. I’ve taken a couple “stay-cations” this summer for 2-3 days here and there to take little breaks so I don’t get overly exhausted from traveling and filming and editing and all the other things I do every single day that aren’t adult industry related. FetishCon comes and I always take a good, solid two week break after to refresh before getting back into the swing of things.

Of course, it’s never really a “FULL” break. School starts back up. One of my kiddos has a birthday. I always throw a huge party. This year, I created an indoor and outdoor “backyard carnival” from scratch that took up the entire front, side and back yard and inside as well. Built all kinds of cool things which took a few weeks to complete. Made a “Plinko” board (not sure what that is? You can google it) 🙂 Made a Balloon Dart game, Made a prize wheel (wow that was one difficult task trying to figure out how to make that from scratch!), Made a photo booth including a bunch of props for everyone to take pics with, made LOADS of games and hosted an amazing party with a house full of ppl aged 4-60 lol. Also during this time, our landlord decided hew wants to sell the house we’re renting when our lease is up November 1st and we had to show it to the realtors during this time as well. Talk about a massive cleaning project with 1 days notice considering I had party prep out the ass going on at the time! In the meantime, I got a cold. A stupid, sinus annoyed, throat on fire, heavy chested, balloon headed feeling cold – which I STILL have.

I woke up Monday, August 18th (the first day back to school and my kiddos actual official birthday) to not feeling great. I did my camshow anyway, and received about 10 DM’s on twitter and publicly written on twitter messages about how I look so old and I look like shit and I did a shitty job with my makeup, etc. Ummmm …. it’s not my make-up … it’s that I’m fucking SICK yet still decided to do a live cam for members of my site because I know many people are counting on me being there for my shows. I don’t think showing up is too much to ask when I can. Needless to say, I canceled my next weeks show on the 25th because I was still sick … and now it’s the 30th and I’m STILL sick. UGH! I finally get a REAL break – and I’m sick through the WHOLE thing! I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes!

I’ve tried to do some “resting” … which I don’t do very well because my entire life has been go, go, go, pretty much since I was born so slowing down is nearly impossible for me, but I’ve managed to go see a few movies. I’ve played catch up on some shows on TiVo. I’ve cleaned some. I’ve organized some. I’ve gone shopping. I’ve gone to the RC car track several times and melted in the heat and humidity. I’ve not managed to go to the beach because the ONLY thing I wanted to do on vaca was go to the beach – but with being sick – that leaves me miserable after spending a couple hours in the sun, so I’ve skipped it. I even filmed a couple days last week! That’s pretty much my vacation in a nutshell. Sick, but still busy lol!

I DIDN’T consider when I canceled last weeks camshow from being sick that kiddos are home this Monday (Holiday) … so will have to cancel again, but I’ll be on again the following week – no matter how I’m feeling. Hubby got sick IMMEDIATELY following FetishCon … then the littlest one … then me. So he’s been sick about a week longer than me – and he’s STILL sick … so looks like I’ve got another good week of the crud to go. Ahhhhh …. here’s to looking forward to the next vacation and hoping my health is in better spirits! Colds suck!

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Little Twist

There’s been a little twist to update you on with my last blog post …

After having the guys come out and look at the house and talking to us, we contacted the owner (through the rental agency) after FetishCon was over and he has agreed to extend our lease …. we’re still awaiting contact to find out for how long, but we made it clear when we’ll qualify and about how long the process usually takes, and he’s willing to let us stay – at least for a while after our technical lease is up November 1st. I’ll update as I know more.

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Late Monday night, I was informed that an email had been received from the rental company we deal with regarding our house. Now, for those who have followed me for a while, you know I spent an entire month making a place livable then moved to the town I’m currently in. I wasn’t even there a year when we moved two houses down – to the exact same house layout – because the owner of the house we WERE living in … was losing his house to auction because he’d not paid the mortgage in years. (That house no longer belongs to him as it now has new owners – so making the decision to move when we did, was a good decision on our part – though extremely frustrating and bad timing.) The owner of the house we CURRENTLY live in … owns it outright so no worries. We’d explained before signing the lease that we will qualify to BUY a home … after taxes NEXT year. (Which means around February or March 2015 – though several companies still won’t have sent me 1099’s they’re supposed to before the end of January, we will officially qualify to buy the FIRST house I will have ever owned.) Our official lease was made to be 1 year in length – meaning November 1st is technically the last day of our lease. Then we were to go month to month until we qualified for a house, did the searching, were accepted, and moved.

And then the email came. The email that blindsided me and threw my brain under a bus (during “Hell Week” of all times. I call this Hell Week because it’s the week of FetishCon … which, don’t get me wrong, is fun, but it’s also FUCKING BUSY, for me anyway. I mean like filming all day – every day – for days on end. Late nights getting home. Getting up crazy early and repeating it all over again, etc.) The email stated that as soon as our lease is up, the owner wants to sell it. He wants it on the market ASAP … and intends to sell it. Photos are to go up the day our lease is up and someone is coming to look at the house Wednesday. Yes, by Wednesday, I mean today.

Well, great. I’m in the process of planning a birthday party for next weekend. I’m hosting a backyard carnival … and hand building EVERYTHING … so despite cleaning what feels to be ALL the time, the whole house needs to be cleaned, organized, dusted, vacuumed, bleached, and simply made ready to be seen by these people who are turning my whole life upside down. So, around my already ridiculously busy schedule where I’ve been desperately trying to play catch up as it is for months, I’ve now got more added to my overflowing plate. House was made presentable – inside and out – with thanks going out only to myself on that front… (even though the handle broke completely off the lawn mower – and we’ve not had time to replace it yet) …

They were in correspondence with hubby yesterday telling him they’ll work with us. They’ll not leave us with no place to go, etc. But let’s face it. I’m not a fucking idiot. I was NOT born yesterday. Their job is to sell houses. They don’t get paid if it’s sitting on the market for 6 months waiting for us to qualify, find a house and move into it. The owner doesn’t get paid for it to sit for 6 months – unless he held off on putting it on the market – in which case, he’d be getting the money we pay monthly. Now, I’d say, hey, houses can sit forever before they sell, but that’s bullshit. 2 houses down, a house went up for sale 10 days ago – well ABOVE what they should have asked for it – and it’s already sold and new owners already occupy it. So, I already know it’s a desirable neighborhood. I know that, because I live in it. I know houses sell quickly because I’ve spent the last year and a half watching houses on this very street flip in record time.

They walk through the door today. Immediately, Wow, it’s so big. It’s so nice (by the way, it’s not all that lol … it’s a home, sure, but I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse) … This will be so easy to sell. Thanks that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You beat my brain with this unforeseen news then talk to me about how easy it’ll be to leave us homeless, uprooting the kids in the middle of the school year to go …??? WHERE? Where are we supposed to be going? For a couple months? FUCK! Sometimes I just want to scream. Why is everything so difficult ALL the time? Why can’t some things just be simple … just once? I don’t think I ask for much. A place to call home – that isn’t falling apart – where my kids are safe – long enough that we can buy and move on our own accord.

Only time will tell what will become of this. MAYBE we can get them to extend our lease 6 months thus protecting us from having that happen. Likelihood? Slim. MAYBE, I’ll spend Halloween moving – AGAIN – as opposed to enjoying it with my kids. Likelihood. Much greater. Either way … I don’t think I could have been more blindsided by this and not that there’s ever a good time, the timing couldn’t have been much worse!

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Casting Call

My guy for Wednesday has canceled. I need a fill in. This is your opportunity to come fuck me and facial me!

When: This coming Wednesday July 30th (preferably around 12pm EST)
Where: Outside of Tampa, Florida (more details will be provided to the lucky person)


1. MUST be at least 18 years old with ID to prove it. Must be willing to sign paperwork and have ID’s copied. No exceptions.

2. MUST have a recent full panel test from
Not tested? If chosen, you can still test TODAY to get your results back in time.
Otherwise, no test, not going to happen. Sorry. Safety First!

3. No age restrictions other than being at LEAST 18 years old. No specific height, weight, body type, etc. I do not discriminate. You MUST, however, have good personal hygiene.

4. I would PREFER someone who can produce an impressive cumshot …. this IS a facial … and I’d like the camera to be able to see it!

Are you the one? Follow these simple instructions and let’s find out!?
1. Email me (don’t DM me on twitter, etc) … at
2. Include your NAME (or stage name), AGE, EXPERIENCE (if any) and 1 (ONLY 1) PHOTO (and I want to see your face/ body – NOT JUST YOUR COCK) …

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